Retailers that modernize their supply chain integration with Logicbroker see immediate results and improved margins.


Are you a retailer? Are you losing customers from inaccurate inventory? Are you tired of manually logging into various supplier portals? Are you looking for seamless integration for your store, trading partners and backend systems? If this sounds like you, then logicbroker is your solution.

The Challenge

Retailers work with a multitude of suppliers and brands to offer an expanded inventory selection to the clients. However, tedious manual processes and data entry can  causing bottlenecks in the order fulfillment cycle. This leaves retailers with with two options: to custom- build integrations to their trading partners to enjoy automated communication or to utilize a third party company.

The Solution

Logicbroker is the clear choice for retailers who want to avoid allocating internal resources to build expensive custom integrations. Our solution ensures all procurement information and communication with suppliers suppliers and brands are automated. Logicbroker can onboard numerous suppliers and perform integrations to the internal systems retailers rely on to run their business. All order documents automatically flow through the logicbroker platform enabling a frictionless order fulfillment cycle.

The Results

With EDI automation, all order documents flow effortlessly between internal systems and suppliers, eliminating the need for manual data entry, which lowers the overall cost per order. Logicbroker’s ability to rapidly onboard drop ship suppliers allows retailers to provide and sell more virtual inventory. Enjoy an automated order cycle and focus on continuing and growing your business



A successful retailer using logicbroker can streamline and automate their drop ship process with hundreds of suppliers. As a result, they can expand their product offering by opening up an endless aisle of virtual inventory and eliminate the headaches associated with having their own inventory.