Retailers that implement logicbroker streamline their supply chain and see immediate results.

Are you a retailer? Are you losing customers from inaccurate inventory? Are you tired of manually logging into various supplier portals? Are you looking for seamless integration for your store, trading partners and backend systems? If this sounds like you, then logicbroker is your solution.

If you are a retailer who drop ships or relies on a third party to hold your inventory, logicbroker can perform and end-to-end integration to your trading partners or your 3PL’s warehouse management system. With an end-to-end integration you can quickly receive inventory updates and ensure you are always displaying accurate inventory levels and keep your customers satisfied.


With logicbroker’s end-to-end integrations, you can send your suppliers purchase orders via EDI, XML, or CSV. There is no need to log into other vendor portals, such as CommerceHub or SPS Commerce, because logicbroker has integrated with them. logicbroker’s flexible connectivity integrates your shopping cart to the other powerful systems you rely on to run your business. Since you are integrated directly with your trading partners and eCommerce shopping cart, all EDI documents that are received are translated and then deposited directly into your internal systems (such as QuickBooks, NetSuite, Exact).



If you drop ship or are contemplating implementing drop ship, Logicbroker has performed over 1000 trading partner integrations. Expand your product offering without the headaches of owning your own inventory. With logicbroker, you can rapidly onboard suppliers who will ship directly to your customer with your branding. If you use Magento as your eCommerce platform, checkout our dropship360 extension.

A successful retailer using logicbroker can streamline and automate their drop ship process with hundreds of suppliers. As a result, they can expand their product offering by opening up an endless aisle of virtual inventory and eliminate the headaches associated with having their own inventory.