2020 Holiday Guide

By Logicbroker | November 5, 2020

As we prepare for the influx of online orders this holiday season, to best help our users we’ve assembled a helpful guide. In this guide, we’re tackling our frequently asked questions to troubleshoot issues and help maintain productivity throughout these peak sales.

Alert Notifications

As a best practice, and as shoppers begin their holiday shopping earlier this year, it is prudent to ensure you are set up to receive appropriate notifications and alerts. Within the Logicbroker portal, you can proactively monitor any errors, connectivity issues, and have configured reports sent to specific email addresses. In the chance that something goes awry, your team can find out and respond quickly to minimize impact. This is particularly vital for non-received order notifications and monitoring failed documents. Additionally, alert notifications aid in monitoring partner activity to ensure SLAs are being met and ensuring all integrations within your system are working properly.

The ability to respond to issues quickly is especially important during the holiday shopping rush, as more orders will be hitting your system at a faster cadence. To enable these business-critical alerts, navigate to Settings > Notification Configuration.

Note: Notifications & Monitoring are specific to your Stage and Production accounts, so you will need to set up in both locations.

Reprocessing Documents

Delivering a positive user experience is crucial, especially for your customers dealing with the stress of the holidays. Our platform is designed to monitor and catch common order issues for your team to remedy in a timely fashion. By monitoring, the effects of any failures are minimized as the notifications are triggered once the failure occurs. Below are the most common document failures that our users see:

  • Validation Failed
  • Business Rule Failed
  • Failed to Source Items
  • Error Transmitting EDI
  • Cannot Over Ship Lines

To troubleshoot these failures, our team has composed a helpful article. Read it here.

Inventory Issues

With an increase in orders as customers complete their holiday shopping, ensuring inventory levels are accurate is crucial for CX. To mitigate common inventory issues, we’re expanding upon the importance of running a matching file and how to remedy mismatched SKUs.

  • Run a matching file – To start on the right note, our platform enables merchants to run a matching file to link their unique item identifiers to those of their suppliers. As it is common for these identifiers to differ across partners, this matching file ensures the final recipient of the document receives the correct Item Identifier.  
  • Mismatched SKUs – Picture this: you’re adding new inventory to your website for the upcoming holiday season. The only thing is, you forgot to set up the same SKUs in the Logicbroker platform. Or, if you’re a retailer, your supplier may not have properly matched their inventory products. In the past, you would have to perform the near-impossible job of going back into your inventory and finding the correct SKU. Fortunately, we’ve made it easier than ever to match the correct SKU with the correct product. While in the affected order, users can simply navigate to the “Match SKUs” option in the “More Actions” tab and replace the incorrect SKU with the proper one.  Especially with the holidays approaching, this time-saving update can save tens of thousands of dollars in fixing inaccurate orders.

With the holiday shopping season underway, the Logicbroker team is ready to help ensure you have the most successful one yet. For issues not covered in this post, we invite you to check out our knowledge base or reach out to our wonderful support team.

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