Amazon Drop Ship Central EDI

By Logicbroker | September 5, 2014

Drop Ship Central by Amazon is a great outlet for drop shipping. For those of you looking to start a drop ship business, or expand your current one, Amazon could be the best outlet for doing so. However, to get the most out of Drop Ship Central, Amazon recommends that you are EDI compliant. How do you know how to select the right provider? Here is everything you need to know about selecting your provider.

1. Support Model
Choosing an EDI provider with reliable support is a crucial component. In case of a late-night error, you’ll want to make sure that your provider has a 24/7 support model with an emergency hotline. During peak selling seasons, orders can build up if a problem is not taken care of immediately. Having a primary and secondary account manager for your account provides additional security in case someone is out sick or on vacation.
2. Cloud-based Solution
A huge perk of the drop ship business model is that you can run your business from anywhere. Wouldn’t it be great to have the same rules apply to your EDI? With a cloud-based EDI model, you can access your software anytime off of any device with an internet connection. The ability to fully run all of your business needs is certainly an attractive quality, and the cloud allows you to do so.
3. Branded Packing Slips | GS1-128 Labels
Amazon requires branded packing slips to be included with every order you ship.  Make sure you have the capability to produce branded packing slips in order to maintain the excellent Amazon customer experience. Amazon mandates GS1-128 (UCC-128) barcode labels for Amazon Vendor Central and not Drop Ship Central. An EDI solution that has the capability to generate the proper GS1-128 labeling requirements is helpful if you plan on selling directly to Amazon.
4. Upfront costs
Selling on Amazon will boost your sales. As a result, there will be more order documents to be sent. Often times, EDI providers have hidden costs, and with a sudden boost in sales you can see your EDI costs go through the roof! Make sure you have a clear understanding of how you are being charged and how to navigate pricing with a significant boost in sales.
5. True Automation
There is a misconception about EDI. Some users think that logging into a vendor portal is EDI, when in reality, it is much more. With an end-to-end EDI solution, you will have full automation and your documents would seamlessly flow from your system to Amazon and vice versa. This automated flow ensures there is no need to manually enter data and greatly reduces the chances of errors or chargebacks.

EDI for Amazon Drop Ship Central will allow you to observe Amazon’s standards while setting your drop ship store up for success. Interested in EDI for Amazon Drop Ship Central? Lean more here.


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