Automation-led Drop Shipping

By Logicbroker | January 12, 2023

The next step in drop ship automation and supply chain data integration for retailers

To stay ahead, drop ship retailers must embrace the current digital commerce transformation. Otherwise, they risk losing loyal customers to competitors that are just one click away – eroding their market share.

Growing product assortment and offering more inventory online using a drop ship or marketplace program has been a core component for many successful retailers. However, when designing their drop ship or marketplace program, many organizations fall into the trap of using their own internal systems or antiquated legacy providers and that has created some key challenges over the years:

  • Lagging behind in scalability, connectivity and security
  • Limited connectivity options such as rigid EDI, XML or flat files
  • Lack of visibility to partner activity
  • No automated notifications, alerting and monitoring tools
  • High transaction costs
  • Losing key drop ship suppliers to retailer competition due to complexity and cost
  • Lack of innovation and future-proofing

So, how can retailers overcome these challenges to ‘survive and thrive’ in today’s retail climate? Our eBook Automation-Led Drop Shipping is a comprehensive guide to all things drop ship that can help you learn how to achieve supply chain excellence in your eCommerce program.

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