Bed Bath &, buybuy Baby Integrations

By Logicbroker | January 29, 2018

Considering becoming a Bed Bath & Beyond Supplier?   There is a lot you will need to know to get started, so we have taken the time to put together the basic steps on how to get set up as a Bed Bath & Beyond vendor. If you are looking for a fully integrated approach, Logicbroker is already certified with Bed Bath & Beyond, Bed Bath and Beyond Canada, and Bed Bath and (dropship). This means that connecting to Logicbroker not only gives you access to Bed Bath & Beyond, but it also gives you potential access to other Bed Bath & Beyond brands, including buybuy Baby, Christmas Tree Shops, Harmon, and One Kings Lane.

Visit Bed Bath & Beyond’s Vendor Portal at  to get started. Once you have been approved as a vendor Logicbroker can quickly integrate you with Bed Bath & Beyond.


Getting Started

Step 1A: Bed Bath and Beyond / Bed Bath and Beyond Canada

If you are looking to set up an integration with Bed Bath and Beyond / Bed Bath and Beyond Canada, Logicbroker is already certified with EDI mappings, therefore you can skip right to Step 3 below.

Step 1B Bed Bath and (Dropship)

It is important to note that only Bed Bath and utilizes CommerceHub to conduct its EDI processing and testing on their behalf, so below are some initial steps that need to be taken for dropship EDI testing:

  • Reach out to CommerceHub’s sales team to kick off the testing process
  • Loop in your assigned Logicbroker representative to help in filling out the EDI integration questionnaire
  • A CommerceHub testing analyst will be assigned, and from there your Logicbroker representative will work with the test analyst on testing the order processing flow

Step 2: Setting up Sender/Receiver IDs for CommerceHUB EDI with Bed Bath and

You will need to provide within the EDI questionnaire the IDs that will be used to process the EDI documents. Information IDs can be obtained by Logicbroker and include:

  • EDI Qualifier (Example: ZZ)
  • EDI Identifier (Example: LB10026)

Step 3: Setting up the Connection

Logicbroker will assign your company unique sender/receiver ID’s for sending and receiving data with Bed Bath and Beyond, Bed Bath and Beyond Canada.

Logicbroker is able to use the following connections when integrating:

  • AS2
  • SFTP
  • Value Added Network (VAN)

We suggest connecting using the AS2 of SFTP protocol to eliminate VAN charges.

Logicbroker will set you up in both a staging ( and production environment ( Logicbroker will then work with the assigned test analyst to exchange connection information and test in both environments to ensure the connection is working properly. For details on Logicbroker’s AS2 information, click here.

Step 4: Setting up the EDI Documents

Bed Bath & Beyond requires the following EDI documents:

  • 850 (Purchase Order)
  • 855 (Purchase Order Acknowledgments-Optional)
  • 856 (Advance Shipment Notice)
  • 810 (Invoice)
  • Packing Slip


Step 5: Testing with Logicbroker

Logicbroker will work with you to complete the assigned test cases and send back the appropriate return document in order to receive final sign off. Part of the Logicbroker EDI certification process includes the mapping of the Bed Bath and Beyond specific branded packing slip. If needed, the packing slips can be pulled directly from the Logicbroker portal with ease to be placed within the box during packing.

Logicbroker can provide a variety of different formats for the packing slip such as PDF, jpeg, and Zebra.


What’s Next?

You may have noticed, that all you need to do is tell Logicbroker you want to trade with Bed Bath and Beyond, Bed Bath and Beyond Canada, or Bed Bath and–we’ll do the rest!

Logicbroker coordinates directly with you and Bed Bath and Beyond, as well as third parties such as CommerceHub to complete the testing scenarios. Once complete, you are ready to go live and are officially within the Bed Bath and Beyond EDI partner network.


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