Branded Knowledgebases Save Time, Money, and Delivers Unmatched Convenience

By Jager Robinson | April 26, 2024

We all know that quickly and efficiently onboarding suppliers is necessary to grow your Multi-Vendor Commerce program. Logicbroker gives you the ability to clearly define and share your policies to increase onboarding efficiency, reduce onboarding time, and ensure consistent customer brand experience across your network with Logicbroker’s Branded Knowledgebases. 

Check out our latest Product Feature Spotlight, featuring our VP of Digital Commerce, Steve Norris, and uncover how customers, like BBQGuys, utilize Branded Knowledgebases to stay ahead of the competition. 

The Power of a Branded Knowledgebase

In addition to Logicbroker’s automated Onboarding and Whiteglove support team, Logicbroker’s Client Experience team further streamlines onboarding by gathering everything your supplier needs to know into their very own Branded Knowledgebase. These knowledgebases help: 

  • Maintain the Customer’s Branded Experience to enforce the Dropship Program 
  • Expedite the Onboarding for Quicker time to value 
  • Less Questions to you, less Staffing  
  • Create a single place to notify people of Requirement Policy Changes 
  • Customize processes from e2e, including internal surveys for setup 
  • Reduce risk and compliance issues for best possible customer experience 

Unlike competitors who send a standard PDF, or their generic help information, waiting for you to support supplier-specific questions.  To ensure suppliers support your brand experience, Logicbroker delivers Help Documentation, How to Videos, and a branded Knowledgebase with your e2e steps for Vendor Onboarding, your Integration Document Standards, and with the living document of FAQs or Support Documents based upon your suppliers’ questions. 

Our Client Experience Team works with our Clients to determine How Much information is needed and the Organization that makes sense to them. 

BBQGuys Focuses on Supplier Q&A

As an example, BBQGuys focused on Supplier Q&A by covering everything from Vendor Onboarding Processes, Integration Specifications, and Technical Policy FAQs.  

No matter how you organize it, the Logicbroker Knowledge base is to be the central repository for our clients, a literal living document with the current information, without worrying about static/outdated PDFs misleading people. 

With our clients, we help answer questions like: 

Vendor Onboarding  

  • Answer questions like: How Do I Onboard?  This will clearly outline all the steps, all the contacts, across all your systems that suppliers need to be set up in to successfully fulfill customer orders.  In addition, we recommend including things like Portal Guides, Test Cases, and References to quickly get orientated to your best practices in Logicbroker. 

Document Standards

  • We help answer questions like: How do I send data?  This captures all the technical information to know how to Configuration the connection, and how the Specifications for the data.  Now Suppliers have documentation, configuration, and sample files all in one place to jumpstart testing in their Staging environment. 

Logicbroker FAQs

  • We help answer questions like: How do I do that in Logicbroker?  Though this starts with articles from our User Guide, this grows based on the actual questions from the Suppliers to help answer the questions, before the questions have been asked! 

Client FAQs

  • We help capture information for questions like: What are your Policies and Guidelines?  With the technical information covered, here our Clients provide all program guidelines, policies, KPIs, and Billing information for suppliers to provide Consistent Customer Experience and get paid! 

All this information is what we include in our Clients Branded Knowledge base, in addition to our White-Glove Onboarding Team, Online User Guides, How To Videos, and Portal Specifications.  Having all this information in one place, which is always the current living document of this information, means faster onboarding and faster times to additional customer sales!  Based upon your Suppliers, Logicbroker has them covered whether they like a single location for everything, have information while they work, or talk to support for specific questions.  

Reach Out Today!

If you have any questions or want to learn more about this feature, feel free to reach out to the Logicbroker team. We’d love to schedule a one-on-one to discuss how Logicbroker can help, and how specifically our Branded Knowledgebases can help save your organization the time and money it needs to thrive.

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