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Case Studies

Explore how leading brands and retailers harness the power of the Logicbroker platform.
Rather than allocate resources to build expensive and time consuming custom integrations, Fossil decided to leverage Logicbroker’s modern, cloud-based supply chain data integration hub to ensure all procurement information and communication was automated.
Wine Enthusiast Companies modernized drop ship automation and supply chain data management for the next generation of digital commerce with Logicbroker.
JackRabbit Partnered with Logicbroker to Quickly Expand Product Assortment via Drop Ship Automation.
Castlight partnered with Logicbroker to automate their drop ship program, collaborating seamlessly to outpace the pace of change in the eCommerce ecosystem together.
Sears upgraded to Logicbroker's modern solution to provide a better drop ship experience to their vendors
Zebit partnered with Logicbroker to seamlessly enable a drop ship marketplace.
(del)Hutson Designs integrates Logicbroker and ShipStation to streamline EDI and online order fulfillment
Ingram Micro Commerce & Lifecycle Solutions and Logicbroker EDI enable order fulfillment for retail sales
Dastmalchi partners with Ingram Micro Commerce and Fulfillment Solutions and Logicbroker to scale business and grow its retail channels.
Mission Linen Supply leverages Logicbroker to streamline communication with drop ship suppliers
FULLBEAUTY Brands upgraded to Logicbroker’s modern technology to provide their valued vendors with better service while enjoying unparalleled onboarding speed and support coupled with incredible cost savings and efficiency.
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