Castlight partnered with Logicbroker to automate their drop ship program, collaborating seamlessly to outpace the pace of change in the eCommerce ecosystem together.

“Logicbroker has been an amazing partner to us. Our strong partnership with Logicbroker has really educated us about the industry at large.”

Maren Bean, Director, Partner Operations at Castlight Health


Castlight Health is a San Francisco based healthcare navigation company. Castlight offers tools that guide users to available healthcare resources, with the goal of lower healthcare costs, higher engagement, and improved outcomes. Castlight incentivizes users to participate in wellness programs to earn points that can then be redeemed on their eCommerce site to purchase various goods.

Castlight relied on a drop ship business model to stock their site with a variety of goods their users would enjoy. Fulfillment was challenging, and overwhelming at times, as it was all run on Excel spreadsheets and Google Docs. Managing multiple vendors while trying to aggregate everything internally through manual processes led to inefficiencies in the order lifecycle and an inability to scale. The Castlight team was motivated to find a partner that could aggregate all procurement information together and automate shipments.


Castlight partnered with Logicbroker to automate their drop ship program. Logicbroker worked with Castlight to integrate their vendors via a single direct API. This ensures all procurement information is exchanged electronically. In addition, Castlight was able to replace their manual inventory update process. Prior to Logicbroker, the Castlight team would follow a 25 step process to mark an item as out of stock in their store. Vendors are fully-integrated and directly send their inventory feeds to Logicbroker for automatic updates to Castlight’s front end, ensuring a better experience for their users.

Castlight is prioritizing revamping their strategic direction and moving towards becoming a health plan channel. In tandem, the Castlight team is rebuilding their legacy eCommerce platform, which was inherited from a company they acquired. As they modernized their technology stack, it became evident it was necessary to modernize their website as well to further enhance their user experience. The Castlight team relies heavily on the experience of the Logicbroker team to leverage additional platform tools to incorporate in the website platform migration and design refresh.


The Castlight team can now run reports to see where orders are and when orders are overdue for the service level agreements (SLAs) that they have in place with their vendors. Multiple times a week, the team will run a report to see which orders are overdue. With visibility to that information at a high level, the team can troubleshoot problems before they impact their customers.

Prior to implementing Logicbroker, Castlight was experiencing chaotic, manual processes with a lack of insight and analytical capabilities. Now, their order cycle is seamless and the team is freed up to focus on other areas to enhance the customer experience.

Castlight needed a strong partner focused on innovation. With Logicbroker, the teams collaborate to not only share best practices with day-to-day operations, but to also help outpace the pace of change in the eCommerce ecosystem together.

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