FULLBEAUTY Brands upgraded to Logicbroker’s modern technology to provide their valued vendors with better service while enjoying unparalleled onboarding speed and support coupled with incredible cost savings and efficiency.

“The partnership with Logicbroker has set the stage for the FULLBEAUTY Brands team to significantly scale our drop ship business thanks to their competitive technology, robust vendor performance reporting and analytics, and fantastic customer service.”​


Director, Operations and Technology at FULLBEAUTY Brands


FULLBEAUTY Brands is an American plus size women’s and men’s apparel and home goods holding company based in New York City. Proprietary brands under the FULLBEAUTY Brands umbrella include: Woman Within®, Roaman’s®, Jessica London®, ellos®, swimsuitsforall®, KingSize®, Brylane Home®, all unique branded sites, and fullbeauty.com®, an online marketplace offering a curated collection of the finest brands and thousands of products – the premier fashion and lifestyle destination for women sizes 12+.

As “the most trusted, comprehensive resource for plus-size women and men seeking fashion inspiration, style advice, and clothing tailored to their individual needs” FULLBEAUTY Brands’ mission is to offer their customers a wide variety of stylish pieces for home and wardrobe and maintain customer loyalty and trust. The FULLBEAUTY Brands team turned to a drop ship model to both enhance assortments on their brand sites as well as stock their online marketplace, fullbeauty.com. This enabled the company to offer an extended catalog of quality goods without needing to warehouse or fulfill these orders in-house.

When the program first launched in 2007, they selected a drop ship and EDI provider to provide automation. However, as the years went on and technology evolved, it was clear their provider was no longer cutting it. There was an ongoing struggle with vendor onboarding coupled with rising costs and a failure to go live with new vendors in addition to inventory issues.

Due to the perceived complexities of migrating to a new provider paired with the comfort of security in having a working solution, the FULLBEAUTY team was hesitant to upgrade their technology. But, as FULLBEAUTY’s executive examined cost efficiencies they questioned the legacy provider’s high price tag and value-add.


The FULLBEAUTY team turned to Logicbroker to upgrade their drop ship technology. With their contract with their legacy provider set to expire at the end of January 2020, the Logicbroker team had an extremely tight timeline to meet. A fast turnaround and go live date was set for 1/27. When mapping out the onboarding strategy for FULLBEAUTY’s 64 vendors, 55 wave one vendors were prioritized. Following the FULLBEAUTY kickoff, additional kickoff calls with the wave one vendors were scheduled and held. In tandem, Logicbroker’s Client Experience team built the FULLBEAUTY setup so it closely matched what vendors were working with previously. For the wave one vendors, if needed, Logicbroker worked with them to change mappings to make the transition smoother.

"Super smooth transition, fastest onboarding we’ve had. Top notch support made it super easy for us. Best part is NO monthly fees. Can’t recommend Logicbroker enough.




For one vendor in particular, Dayleen Intimates, the Logicbroker team mapped to the custom XML files they were already using so their team did not have to make any changes. For vendor Mayne Inc., Logicbroker created a business rule that added a specific drop ship charge to each invoice, which cuts down on the manual time the Mayne Inc. team would have spent creating invoices.

With a new solution in place, FULLBEAUTY was able to start with a clean inventory slate which allowed them to create more structure with vendors about how inventory should be uploaded.

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Throughout the vendor outreach and onboarding process, the overall response for the transition was overwhelmingly positive. FULLBEAUTY’s vendors were on board for the fast migration, as Logicbroker does not pass on any vendor remapping work or monthly fees. Because of the vendor’s enthusiasm and the dedication of Logicbroker’s team, vendors began going live as early as 1/8 and to ensure appropriate time to troubleshoot the transition was scheduled to go live on 1/23 and was completed on time. This means the entire migration and integration process was completed in just five weeks.

The FULLBEAUTY team was very pleased with the transparency in the process, timely completion, and positive feedback from their vendors. This has strengthened their relationships and created a more valuable user experience for FULLBEAUTY’s customers. Vendors are saving money with the elimination of testing and ongoing monthly fees. As the cost of doing business with FULLBEAUTY Brands has decreased, they are even more attractive to do business with and can delight their valued network of customers through further expanding inventory with new vendor relationships. FULLBEAUTY already has a second wave of vendors, including several who had never gone live with their legacy provider, lined up and ready to onboard, test and go live.

The FULLBEAUTY team also enjoys the full suite of reporting tools Logicbroker’s platform offers. With an integration with Power BI, the FULLBEAUTY team can make more informed merchandising decisions by analyzing top sellers and securing relationships with vendors that offer like-products. Vendor and FULLBEAUTY relationships are further strengthened by utilizing Logicbroker’s vendor scorecards. Vendors can monitor their performance, and FULLBEAUTY can see who is adhering to SLAs and quickly identify and rectify any outlying issues.

Moving forward, FULLBEAUTY is actively working to bring back vendors they used to do business with but lost due to the high cost of doing business and ongoing issues with their legacy provider. With a modern, efficient, and economical solution in place, FULLBEAUTY is dedicated to continuing to provide their customers with a wide variety of high-quality, fashionable goods.

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