Mission Linen Supply leverages Logicbroker to streamline communication with drop ship suppliers.

“My experience with the Logicbroker team has been extremely positive. It is now an easy process for us to be live with our suppliers due to the responsiveness of the Logicbroker team.”

Eric Sanabia, Systems Developer

Mission Linen Supply, a family-owned, privately-held company, is a leading provider of products and services to medical, industrial, and hospitality businesses. Founded in 1930, Mission Linen Supply began as a one-man operation that provided uniform and linen rentals and sales. In the 80 years it has been in business, Mission Linen has grown to a leading company in their industry and has expanded product offerings to include janitorial products, mats, and apparel. As the company has grown, they have come to rely on a drop ship model, forming B2B relationships with multiple suppliers to provide their clients with an array of products.


Mission Linen Supply was working with a multitude of suppliers and enjoying an increase in sales. However, tedious manual processes and data entry were causing bottlenecks in the order fulfillment cycle. Mission Linen Supply was faced with two options: to custombuild integrations to their trading partners to enjoy automated communication or to utilize a third party company. In addition, Mission Linen Supply was looking to have all order documentation flow into/out of their SAP platform.


Rather than allocate resources to build expensive custom integrations, Mission Linen Supply signed with Logicbroker to ensure all procurement information and communication with suppliers was automated. Logicbroker has onboarded eight suppliers and performed an SAP integration. All order documents flow through the Logicbroker platform via XML, giving Mission Linen Supply a frictionless order fulfillment cycle.


With XML, order documents flow effortlessly between SAP and suppliers, eliminating the need for manual data entry, which lowers the overall cost per order. Logicbroker’s ability to rapidly onboard drop ship suppliers allows Mission Linen Supply to provide and sell more virtual inventory. Mission Linen Supply can enjoy an automated order cycle and focus on continuing and growing the family business and participating in organizations and local events to give back to their communities.

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