Zebit partnered with Logicbroker to seamlessly enable a drop ship marketplace.

“Over the past year we have experienced tremendous growth. We have grown our business 10x, and couldn’t have done it without our partnership with Logicbroker.”

Colby Ross, Director, Product Management, Zebit

eCommerce with a Twist

In 2015, Zebit launched as a marketplace with a unique differentiator – buy what you want, pay over time, and never worry about interest. With Zebit, customers have the power to buy what they need, make payments based on their pay cycle, and enjoy 0% APR always, regardless of their credit score.

With the intent to carry no physical inventory and strictly rely on drop shipping orders, Zebit knew that to successfully run their business, they needed to meet their suppliers’ communication standards.

Zebit had a clear need to enable a flexible communication protocol to pursue a broader set of drop ship vendors. This would give consumers a better shopping experience through maintaining a larger product offering.

As this was a mandate to have in place prior to launch, Zebit had an aggressive timeline and needed a partner that could meet these business-critical requirements.

The Power of Flexible Communication

By utilizing the power of Logicbroker’s adaptable, cloud-based platform and team of experts, Zebit was able to have their supplier community onboarded quickly. In addition, Zebit leveraged Logicbroker’s extensive network to grow their product assortment with new suppliers.

The Logicbroker team helps with new integrations and can map to a variety of communication standards including XML, EDI, and API based connections. This flexibility frees up Zebit’s team of engineers and allows them to run a lean operation. Without automated communication protocols, sales would be less and operation costs would be higher.

Zebit enjoys the “quick contact” enforced by the Logicbroker team, and that any issues that arise are addressed and resolved right away.

With Logicbroker’s API <> NetSuite integration, all order fulfillment, tracking, invoicing, order pass through, and shipment information can be delivered from suppliers to Zebit’s E-commerce Platform. This ensures both efficiency and accuracy to streamline the order fulfillment process.

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