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Logicbroker Certified Channels® are crafted with great care to ensure rapid deployment and reliable technology. We work hard to maintain your service-level agreements (SLAs) and avoid costly chargebacks.
In order for a channel to become Logicbroker Certified®:
  • Our engineers will comb through all of the channel’s specifications and data mapping requirements
  • The channel is integrated to Logicbroker through the channel preferred method such as EDI, API, XML, JSON, and CSV
  • All data requirements and validation will be built into the Logicbroker platform
  • Logicbroker will perform all testing needed to confirm the channel is set up correctly and meets Logicbroker operational excellence standards
  • Reusability across the Logicbroker network without the need for customization
  • Once all the above conditions are satisfied, Logicbroker will issue a Company ID (COID) to the channel, and all data mapping and channel requirements will become available to Logicbroker customers
Most Popular Logicbroker Certified Channels®:
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