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By Logicbroker | June 17, 2014

Do you ever find yourself wishing for more hours in a day? While we cannot physically create additional hours, we can help you maximize the time you do have. Logicbroker works with eCommerce retailers and suppliers to help them automate the manual touches in their order fulfillment cycle. If you are looking to scale your business in a cost effective and efficient way, read on to learn how logicbroker is your solution.

If your time is being allocated to manually processing orders, other areas of your business could be neglected. For example, if a member of your sales team has been manually fulfilling orders for one hour each day, that is an that they are not selling. In a year, that will equate to a month of lost sales.  Electing to implement and EDI provider and integration hub, such as logicbroker, will free up your team so they can focus on their true tasks and your business will run more efficiently. Your EDI provider will translate documents and ensure they flow into the correct system (eliminating the need for data entry). Since EDI documents travel faster than their counterparts, more orders can be processed in less time. Therefore, you are adding more time to you day and increasing productivity within this new time span.

Watch this quick video to see our customer explain their benefits from automation with logicbroker:

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It is also important to note the importance of real time. If your eCommerce store is not being updated in real-time, you are increasing your chances of lost sales. Inaccurate inventory levels can lead to lost sales and unsatisfied customers. Backordering can occur if the wholesaler is sold out of a product and neglects to update the retailer. With EDI, your eCommerce store can be updated in real time, ensuring all inventory levels are up to date. Your customers will never try to purchase a product only to find out it is out of stock. Money is time, and if there is a delay in updating your product catalog, you can be losing valuable customers.

Although modern technology has not added more hours to a day, there are ways to allocate your resources to make the most of the time you do have. Choosing a third-party EDI provider, like logicbroker, will handle the mapping and testing which is critical to get up and running as well as handle the daily EDI translations. logicbroker alleviates the headaches and time that are associated with creating and maintaining an in-house EDI system. Time is the one thing we do not have enough of, but through automation and the efficiencies associated with it, logicbroker creates time for you.

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