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By Logicbroker | December 7, 2022

Logicbroker’s CEO and co-founder, Peyman Zamani, has over 30 years of experience delivering modern eCommerce solutions. After founding the company in 2010, Peyman began executing his vision of having retailers and brands “Logicbroker” their retail growth rather than adopt mundane eCommerce strategies by legacy providers. After 12 years, his vision has helped shape a company that has become the only provider of both B2B and D2C drop ship, marketplace, and supply chain visibility eCommerce solutions on one comprehensive API-based platform.

In this executive spotlight, Logicbroker sat down with Peyman to discuss how the company has evolved over the years, how 2022 became a pivotal moment in the company’s history, and how Logicbroker customers are more prepared than ever to capitalize on limitless eCommerce growth.

Reflect back on 2022 and how this year has influenced the company. How have you seen Logicbroker grow and how has it changed?

Logicbroker has a pivotal moment every two to three years. These moments have helped our organization grow tremendously and 2022 proved to be one of those moments. Over the year, especially coming out of a pandemic, our team has gone department by department discussing plans, future goals, and organizational needs, all while measuring our progress for really the first time in our history.

Our first big pivotal moment was five or so years after I founded the company. In 2014 we sat down and outlined the direction of the organization and realized our processes were limitless. We started building products for enterprise customers and expanded our partners. At this time we also focused on becoming one of the few profitable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) organizations on the market.

In 2018, we had our next pivotal moment when we signed big-name brands like M&Ms, Rite Aid, Coca Cola, Walgreens, and more. These brands helped elevate us as true leaders in the market. Our better technology, friendlier processes, and scalable solutions took hold the way our leadership team envisioned.

This past year, after a hectic pandemic that proved that Logicbroker was here to stay, we hit our latest pivotal moment which focused on internal investment. We’ve nearly doubled our staff, built out internal processes that can scale for the future we provide our customers, and truly weaponized our go-to-market strategy for the coming decade. It’s been an exciting year, and I’m proud to say that Logicbroker has fully realized itself as a Supply Chain Experience Management organization.

What does Supply Chain Experience Management entail for our customers and how does it position Logicbroker to help our customers take hold of future eCommerce growth?

I truly believe the future of eCommerce and retail will be focused on experience management. You HAVE to care about consumers, your customers, and expectations. So many organizations rely on technology and automation, but customers only care about one thing—their own experience. Packages must be delivered, products must be serviced, questions must be answered, and orders must be returned if necessary. These experiences make or break an organization. The future of eCommerce is creating a positive brand through seamless product integration with our customer experience team.

At Logicbroker, we realized that for our own customers, we have all the tools necessary to provide a full birds eye view of your supply chain at every level. We are the industry leaders in B2B and D2C Drop Ship and Marketplace solutions, but our latest Supply Chain Visibility solution complements our platforms even better than we internally anticipated.

Logicbroker wants to create a supply chain experience that helps our customers navigate everything from sourcing to packaging. Our customers already know that our focus on customer satisfaction, retention, and experience is unmatched in the industry, but we can and will do more to protect YOUR customers as well. We are our customer’s partners first and foremost. When you do well, the entire industry does well.

In a more general sense, how has eCommerce evolved since you began Logicbroker, and how has the organization adapted to those changes?

Focusing on experience management is perhaps the largest paradigm shift of my career. Many organizations were forced to adopt rapid, uncontrollable eCommerce solutions to meet the needs of their customers during the pandemic, but the reality is, and what we saw in 2022, is that consumers like being out and about. In many cases, the infrastructure for an eCommerce platform became a supplement for the retail experience, not a replacement.

The pandemic forced what we liked to call the eCommerce “digitalization” age. You have to blend your retail and online experiences together into one cohesive experience that offers consumers support regardless of their location. The future of eCommerce is customers walking into a store to check out products but leaving empty-handed because they ordered products in-store that get shipped directly to their homes on the same day.

Adapt and overcome. That’s all organizations can do. If you’re dead set on one business model and leave yourself not even 20% of the wiggle room needed to adapt to new circumstances, you’re not going to make it out of the digitalization age.

For you personally, what is it like being CEO of a tech-focused company? What challenges or surprises have you had to overcome?

I love every minute of it. I always get excited about rapid changes and being a CEO is just adapting to those changes on the fly. My team and I are connected to every major industry change, and we share those changes with our customers in the form of innovative product offerings that have truly revolutionized some of our closest partners’ businesses.

I think the biggest surprise for me was being willing to let go when the situation called for it. I’ve helped build an incredible leadership team at Logicbroker, and they handle their departments better than I could. A lot of people like to plan for years ahead, but the reality is that my job as CEO is preparing the company for six-month sprints. We can’t control even one full year into the future of eCommerce, as the COVID-19 pandemic taught us, so we have to be ready for anything.

If anything, the biggest challenge for me was learning to be patient. I love to innovate and explore new solutions but sometimes just slowing down and taking a look around the industry has helped Logicbroker prepare solutions that weren’t reactionary but rather revolutionary.

What are you looking forward to most in 2023?

As always at Logicbroker, I am excited to watch how our customers grow throughout the year. Logicbroker was built for our customers. Every solution, product, and tidbit of information is given to our customers after thousands of hours of tests. I’m excited that 2023 looks to be the definitive year Logicbroker can provide a comprehensive eCommerce solution that not only onboards vendors in under an hour but grants you visibility into your supply chain like never before.

Logicbroker’s goal is to process $25 billion GMV through our portal by 2025. With the help of our customers, 2023 will be the most important year to date for hitting that goal. Every new partner, customer, supplier, vendor, and brand will help skyrocket each of our organizations to capture more of the growing eCommerce market.

Last question for you, Peyman; What don’t people see behind the scenes of being CEO?

We’re all human. We have to look at facts, manage people, expectations, and challenges, deal with personal and professional difficulties, and so much more. I’m not unflappable, and I don’t think anyone expects me to be. I wasn’t born the CEO of a massive company like Logicbroker but at the end of the day I love my job and the impact I have on our customers. I can confidently say that it’s a pleasure every day to work with everyone at this company, and I feel like that’s a rare treat.

About Peyman Zamani

With over 30 years of experience delivering modern eCommerce, drop ship, and marketplace solutions for both small businesses and Fortune 500 companies, Peyman Zamani is Logicbroker’s Chief Executive Officer. As CEO, Peyman is responsible for creating, leading, and executing the company’s strategy and vision. An entrepreneur at heart, Peyman enjoys empowering companies and people to innovate and make impacts to the individuals that matter most to them. Under Peyman’s leadership, Logicbroker has become the limitless supplier of Drop Ship and Marketplace solutions for both retailers and suppliers.

Peyman holds an MBA from the University of Connecticut and serves on the advisory board for UConn’s Computer Science Department. Peyman mentors his town’s FIRST robotics team and, on his rare days off, enjoys collecting vintage wines while traveling with his wife, three boys, and their dog.

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