EDI for 3PLs

By Logicbroker | March 31, 2015

Automated communication methods are becoming increasingly important for third party logistics providers (3PLs). By leveraging a solution for EDI, you can effectively communicate with the suppliers/retailers that rely on your services and attract new business by adhering to industry standards.

With an end-to-end EDI solution, your 3PL will be fully integrated with your customers. This integration increases efficiency because all manual processed are eliminated and there is no need to rekey information or enter data by hand. You can seamlessly share tracking information and order updates with your customers without having to type it in or copy and paste. Without manually inputting data, the chances of errors is greatly reduced, increasing efficiency and saving costs. With the time saved by the elimination of data entry, your team is freed up and can focus on growing different aspects of your business.

Another perk of choosing to implement an EDI solution is that you can rapidly onboard new customers. By leveraging an EDI company with a proven solution, they can map and test integrations quicker than if you had elected to custom build them. Beyond providing quick integrations, your EDI provider will handle 24/7 ongoing support. If you are looking to do business with big-box retailers and suppliers, you can create GS1-128 (UCC-128) barcode labels. These business relationships will be made easier since you are EDI compliant, a mandate of most big-box businesses.

As a 3PL, it is important that you attract new business with your affordable costs and cutting edge technology. By implementing a solution for EDI, you will cut costs, comply with industry standards, and perform more efficiently. Ready to get started? Contact the Logicbroker sales department today to learn how you can bring your 3PL business to the next level.

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