As a Magento Premiere Technology Partner, we make integrating EDI for Magento a seamless and simple process that is built for long-term growth.

Choosing to integrate your Magento store with EDI via Logicbroker enables drop ship automation, the endless aisle, omni-channel retailing, and all of your orders to be sent/received in one format. Beyond its EDI for Magento capabilities, Logicbroker connects to backend systems like ERPs (NetSuite, Exact, Dynamics), and accounting software (QuickBooks) to seamlessly exchange real-time catalog, inventory, order and shipping information.

Logicbroker leverages the Magento API to simplify the integration, and delivers an end-to-end EDI solution. This enables smooth communication with trading partners, and the ability to meet both trading partner and industry requirements. Leveraging EDI for Magento with Logicbroker also eliminates the need to re-key order information, saving time and reducing errors. Logicbroker is a cloud-based platform built for scalability, and allows you to seamlessly add thousands of product offerings, efficiently process more orders faster, and optimize your supply chain.

logo for EDI for Magento and Logicbroker

With direct Logicbroker integration, Magento users can:

  • Have a truly automated EDI for Magento solution with end-to-end integration.
  • Effortlessly send and receive real-time catalog, inventory, order and shipping information.
  • Automate the drop ship process without adding inventory costs or headaches.
  • Eliminate data entry and process more orders in less time.

Logicbroker‘s Magento extension, Magento EDI by Logicbroker, can be downloaded here.

For more information about the benefits of integrating EDI with your Magento store, or to set up a live demo to see Logicbroker and Magento in action, contact us today.

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