Eliminate Manual Data Entry with Logicbroker and NetSuite

By Logicbroker | August 30, 2019

With  Logicbroker’s NetSuite connector, users will now be able to create their order data in NetSuite and automatically transfer that data into the Logicbroker platform.

For retailers using this integration, benefits include:

  • Sending NetSuite Purchase Orders to Logicbroker
  • Pulling Logicbroker shipments into NetSuite as Item Receipts
  • Pulling Logicbroker invoices into NetSuite as Vendor Bills
  • Pulling Logicbroker cancellations into NetSuite by closing Purchase Order lines

NetSuite order page Page - Logicbroker

Suppliers are benefiting from NetSuite’s integration by:

  • Pulling orders from Logicbroker into NetSuite as Sales Orders
  • Sending NetSuite Item Fulfillment transactions to Logicbroker (as shipments)
  • Sending NetSuite Invoice transactions to Logicbroker
  • Sending any closed purchase order lines to Logicbroker as a cancellation acknowledgement
  • Broadcasting NetSuite inventory to Logicbroker using Logicbroker’s Broadcast API endpoint

In addition to these features for suppliers, users can also leverage the ability to export all failed documents to the Logicbroker platform.

Since the platform operates in real-time, orders can be quickly completed and shipped through NetSuite.

Upgrade Your Drop Ship Automation with NetSuite + Logicbroker

With the Logicbroker + NetSuite integration, users benefit from less manual data entry and more automation with inventory updates processed automatically through the Logicbroker portal. Beyond modernized EDI, Logicbroker delivers a powerful drop ship process, allowing users to open an endless aisle of inventory.

NetSuite Invoice in Logicbroker Portal

Specifically, Logicbroker makes drop ship possible with NetSuite by aggregating the drop ship order information from the supplier. Once pulled into the Logicbroker portal, the order information is sent directly to the user’s NetSuite configuration. The photo above shows how Logicbroker automatically creates the invoice for drop ship orders going through NetSuite.

Get the full details of how to get started with Logicbroker’s NetSuite integration here. Interested in getting integrated? Contact us today.

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