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Quickly light up new sales channels and eliminate the complexity of managing multiple trading partners. Our powerful tools allow you to effortlessly manage your B2C and B2B relationships.

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EDI Compliant
We help brands become the most reliable vendor in their network. EDI technology is the primary method of data exchange for many B2B suppliers and major retailers. Over 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies are EDI capable.
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Drop Ship Automation
Creating happier brands through automation. Enjoy a highly automated order life cycle while eliminating manual touch points. Set a foundation for scalable growth with Logicbroker.

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No Per-Order or Document Fees
Keep your margin with a predictable annual subscription and no transaction fees. No annoying charges per kilocharacter, percentage of revenue, or charge per order.
Brands leverage the Logicbroker platform to:
  • Meet retail compliance requirements
  • Increase margins
  • Reduce shipping costs
  • Scale their business
The Logicbroker advantage
  • Proven EDI and fulfillment integration
  • Affordable, rapid onboarding of retailers
  • Minimal configuration required
  • Seamless, API-integrated cloud-based system
  • Award-winning customer service and satisfaction

Logicbroker allows you to easily sell B2B and B2C while maintaining positive relationships and eliminating chargebacks. Grow your business through our powerful technology and team of experts.