GS1-128 Barcode Labels for Amazon

By Logicbroker | May 5, 2014

Are you a supplier who needs GS1-128 barcode labels (formally UCC-128) for Amazon? If so, logicbroker offers a simple way to create and print these labels.

Like many large retailers, Amazon has very specific EDI requirements it expects its trading partners to UCC-128adhere to. Your EDI solution determines how you will create and print the necessary GS1-128 barcode labels for Amazon. With an EDI software solution, it is likely you will have to purchase additional barcode software. With a web-based EDI provider, like logicbroker, the ability to generate Amazon GS1-128 labels is included. The label is generated as part of the Advance Shipment Notice (ASN, or EDI 856).

Because logicbroker is a SaaS platform, our team of experts will handle all aspects of EDI, freeing up your time so you can focus on growing your business. logicbroker’s portal function is user friendly, and simplifies the entire ‘pick, pack, and ship’ process. Creating palettes and cartons is easy. Once your shipment has been created, you can then print the AmazonGS1-128 label that logicbroker has generated. The entire process is quick and painless and allows you to work with Amazon.

To learn how to easily create Amazon GS1-128 barcode labels, watch our video.


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