Last Mile Delivery with Convey

By Logicbroker | June 10, 2019

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Since 2013, Convey ( has helped both online shoppers and suppliers perfect the last mile delivery process with their two products, Engage and Initiate. By creating a software platform that gives eCommerce websites peace-of-mind when shipping their products, Convey has quickly become a driving force in the delivery experience management industry.

When Logicbroker linked up with Convey in 2019, the result was a fully automated shipping process, from automatically processing orders and delivery information, to automatically choosing the quickest, most affordable shipping method. 

How the Pieces Come Together

Before the customer’s item is delivered to their front door, there are multiple steps that Logicbroker and Convey take to ensure that the item is not only correct, but delivered in an affordable and timely manner:

  • First and foremost, the order gets created from the retailer. Using the Logicbroker API, the PO information is generated. Logicbroker will also set up validation rules to ensure all the necessary documentation is in the order.
  • The supplier will then create the shipment using the Logicbroker platform, which will then be transferred to Convey.
  • Once the shipment gets created in the Logicbroker platform, a quote is created for shipping costs. Using the Convey API, Logicbroker will automatically choose the lowest rate for shipping.
  • Based on the shipping option, the schedule request will get created. The information related to the shipment will be updated in the shipment document in the Logicbroker platform. This includes the tracking number, bill of lading, and any instructions.
  • Once all the information is collected, the data is sent to the retailer.

 Logicbroker + Convey Deliver Results

By combining the Logicbroker and Convey platforms, there’s one aspect that stands out boldly: automation. In using both platforms, users have seen a sharp decline in manual entry – clicks, page loads, and typing. For some Logicbroker + Convey users, specifically those who use freight shipping, have seen a 30% decrease in processing time so far. Using the Logicbroker connector with Convey’s API allows users to greatly minimize the amount of manual data entry needed (including items, PO number, shipping destination, etc.). 

By reducing this manual entry, we see more happy customers getting their packages on time with suppliers and retailers staying on top of their order volume.

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