Logicbroker Highlights Bulk Picking In Latest Product Feature Spotlight

By Jager Robinson | February 2, 2024

Continuing our focus on Logicbroker tools and features, we are highlighting our time-saving feature—Bulk Picking and Shipping. This incredible tool allows users to save thousands of clicks a day and group orders by varying degrees of rules and guidelines to streamline order fulfillment, reduce manual touchpoints, and so much more. 

Logicbroker’s Bulk Picking

Bulk picking is a fulfillment strategy that involves filtering through multiple orders and picking all the required items together in one go. Rather than picking items individually for each order, bulk picking allows you to optimize your warehouse operations by minimizing travel time and reducing the number of touchpoints. This results in significant time savings and increased productivity.  

Within the Logicbroker portal, you can access the bulk pick feature by navigating to orders and then selecting ‘bulk pick’. Our systems will perform a search of items ready to ship. From here, you can either download the picklist, download a preview, or download and move to shipped.  

With bulk picking, categorizing those orders takes just 5 clicks. This dramatic reduction in manual touchpoints is the culmination of customer requests, listening sessions, and product demos designed to help our customers. If you’re a supplier with an integrated shipping service through the Logicbroker portal, those 5 clicks can also bulk ship your product with no extra effort.  

Bulk picking and shipping breaks down into these four key benefits:  

  1. Enhanced Efficiency: Bulk picking reduces the time spent navigating and searching for orders. This leads to a substantial increase in efficiency and allows you to process more orders in less time. 
  2. Error Reduction: With manual order picking, there is a higher risk of picking errors, such as selecting the wrong item or quantity. Bulk picking minimizes these errors by focusing on a specific group of orders at once, ensuring greater accuracy and reducing the need for error management. 
  3. Cost Savings: By optimizing your picking process and reducing the number of manual touchpoints, bulk picking helps you save on labor costs and increases your overall operational efficiency. 
  4. Faster Order Fulfillment: With bulk picking and shipping, you can fulfill orders at a faster rate, leading to shorter delivery times and improved customer satisfaction. 

Discover More Unique Features and Tools

To learn more about our Bulk Picking options, or any of the other incredible product features highlighted in our Product Feature Spotlight campaign, please explore the rest of our YouTube channel. There you could also learn unique insights into everything dropship.

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