Logicbroker Portal Release Notes 2/21/2019

By Logicbroker | February 21, 2019

release notes-1

On the heels on one of their biggest updates to their platform, Logicbroker announces more updates with new features to help streamline the drop ship and EDI process. Some of the prominent updates include:

  • Embedded Power BI Reporting and Analytics within the Portal
    •  By linking up with Microsoft Power BI, Logicbroker portal users can create a detailed analytics tool by connecting data points and turning it into actionable insights. Build out more in-depth custom reports, track how partners are performing, see where products are being shipped to across the country, and view best-selling SKUs. Additionally, users are able to access inventory data, including how often suppliers are posting inventory.
    • When this is configured, there will be a new report tab in the portal labeled “Analytics”
  • Export Documents from the Search Page
    • When searching for specific documents or statuses, you can export the entire page once the results have been returned. 
  • 852 Product Activity Reports received will generate an event with readable data
    • This data can include how many sales for an item, what quantity is in stock to match against existing data, warehouse transfers, receipts, etc. Logicbroker now takes in that information and displays it in a readable format. 
  • Inventory Update Log information is accessible in advanced reporting and analytics
    • This feature requires an account with Microsoft Power BI (or alternate BI program) and is an add-on feature, not native to our portal. To access advanced reporting, please reach out to the Logicbroker Sales Team.  

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