Logicbroker Release Notes | September 2019

By Logicbroker | September 30, 2019


As the Logicbroker team prepares for Q4, here are some of the most recent release notes to the Logicbroker platform. Stay up-to-date on Logicbroker’s Help Center.

September Release Notes:

  • Introducing the Connected Commerce Network
    • Exclusive vendor community for retailers and brands dedicated to integrating the top retailers and marketplaces like Home Depot, Wayfair, and Costco Wholesale
  • Setup Default Ship From Address
    • Users can now set up a default ship-from address, that will auto-populate every time a new shipment is created in the portal


  • Re-using sales order numbers for sourcing orders by cost
  • Create event and log user who created a document (Acknowledgement, Shipment, Invoice) in the portal
  • Ability to share Advanced Export templates with your trading partners and other company users
  • Standardized Change Reason and Return Reasons in the portal; this includes adding a drop down selection when creating Acknowledgements and Returns
    • Standard Cancel Codes include:
      • 01: Invalid SKU
      • 02: Cancelled at Retailers Request
      • 03: Can not ship using provided Ship Method
      • 04: Can not ship to PO Box
      • 05: Can not fulfill in time
      • 06: Administrative Request
      • 07: Bad Address
      • 08: Discontinued Item
      • 09: Invalid Ship Method
      • 10: Customer changed mind
      • 11: Info missing on purchase order
      • 12: Out of stock
      • 13: Other
      • 14: Item recall
      • 15: Fraud detected
      • 16: Duplicate Order


  • Prevent users from updating document’s status in the portal in status 0 (New)
  • Auto-calculate Invoice Total when creating invoices in the portalRecording #35
  • Add Sender and Receiver name drop down on column filters under Order Management and Search Results pages (See GIF)
  • Show receiving company name on the bottom of all event emails
  • Default Remit To Address is pre-populated for draft invoices in the portal
  • Added first and last name to address inputs on document detail pages in portal

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