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Magento merchants can now experience complete EDI and drop ship automation with suppliers and 3PLs. Logicbroker allows Magento merchants to easily send and receive orders, tracking information, acknowledgments, and inventory via CSV, XML, EDI, the Logicbroker API, or a web-based supplier portal. With Logicbroker, Magento merchants can easily sell virtual inventory and enjoy a nearly touchless drop ship relationship with suppliers.

Magento + Logicbroker Features

  • Subscription is a flat monthly fee (no charge per order or percentage of revenue)
  • Ability to automate inventory updates from suppliers and manage multiple suppliers
  • Order documents automatically sent to suppliers via EDI/XML/CSV/Portal or Logicbroker API
  • Robust supplier portal with the ability to fulfill orders and generate your branded packing slips
  • Tracking information automatically updated in Magento as the supplier ships, triggering a branded email notification directly from Magento
  • Support/management for partial shipping
  • Bulk upload/download spreadsheets for documents such as orders, shipments, and invoices
  • Subscribe to over 60 proactive notifications, including reports that highlight inactivity with certain suppliers
reports page in Logicbroker platform

Unleash your full digital commerce potential with proven solutions. Logicbroker and Magento work together to automate the drop ship process and give your customers a world-class shopping experience.

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