Feature Friday Continues With Native Connectors Highlight

By Jager Robinson | January 19, 2024

We all know the importance of combining technology sets. It can get tedious managing tens of different portals, platforms, and more to connect your commerce network. With Logicbroker, the monotony is lost. Our native connectors ensure that every major OMS, ERP, and platform integrates seamlessly with our backend to ensure that all data is flowing correctly and to the right program. 

For most of our customers, our native connectors even ensure that the Logicbroker portal is the only interface they need to manage their entire supplier network and all orders flowing through their system. 

Logicbroker’s Native Connectors

These pre-built connectors offer flexibility in how Logicbroker is used while providing a quick and efficient way for data to flow between Logicbroker and the connector of choice. 

We currently support connections to some of the largest organizations in the world like Shopify, eBay, BigCommerce, Mangopay, ShipEngine, and have recently included TikTok, Allegro, Tokopedia, Adyen, The Market, Nocnoc, and Marketplacer.  And, connections to these platforms can be created directly in our portal! 

To access, log into the the portal, navigate to settings and then to connections. ou can then click “connect to a new system.” Upon selecting your connector, you would enter the necessary credentials and click “save.” After you have saved your credentials for the connection there is additional information visible to you depending on the connection. 

When your connection is complete, confirm setup has been done correctly. Email [email protected] to confirm your connection is ready to be used in the requested environment. 

At Logicbroker, we are proud to offer the widest range of native connectors to ensure our customers enjoy the flexibility to work with their systems of choice while further streamlining their business operations.  

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