On-Demand Onboarding Designed By And For Customers

By Jager Robinson | October 3, 2022

For any retailer looking to adopt a new eCommerce strategy, migrate to a new system, or even combine drop shipping and marketplace solutions, onboarding is a pain point. Even with hundreds of loyal vendors, onboarding takes effort and resources, and above all else, time. But, what if it… didn’t 

Logicbroker’s On-Demand Onboarding solution not only automates a vast majority of the work that goes into successfully onboarding suppliers but also takes under an hour. In minutes, a new vendor can be onboarded from any location, at any time.  

The Six Keys To Onboarding 

The ability to onboard new vendors quickly is great and saves our customers time, but building a system that works for retailers isn’t just about speed. Logicbroker worked closely with established retailers to advance our onboarding process to cover six key areas: delivering faster speed to market, eliminating manual errors, eliminating supplier contracts, improving documentation visibility, giving greater control to retailers, and having dedicated onboarding support.  

Unparalleled Speed To Market 

Connection brokers and advanced eCommerce platforms often tout time-saving processes and procedures. These time savers can come anywhere from inventory visibility all the way through streamlined contract negotiations. However, the one aspect often ignored was onboarding vendors as needed quickly, efficiently, and automatically.  

Logicbroker remains the only platform on the market that has no connection limitations and will work with vendors using EDI, FTPs (CSV/XML/JSON), APIs, or even pre-built connections with leading eCommerce and fulfillment platforms like Shopify and ShipStation. Because of our limitless connection capabilities, we’ve also implemented streamlined onboarding processes that allow retailers to connect a vendor or whole category of vendors at the click of a button.  

Eliminate Manual Errors 

With no connection limitations and automation in place to mass migrate or onboard, retailers also are guaranteed to eliminate any manual errors. Gone are the days when manual touch points could lead to implementation or order errors down the line. With limited manual input and automation in place, on-demand onboarding solves one of the oldest pain points in the book.  

No Vendor Contracts 

One of the most perplexing moves in the eCommerce industry is connection brokers charging vendors to connect to their retail customers. With Logicbroker, vendors don’t sign a contract or pay any fees to onboard using our standard flexible integration options (Web-based Portal, Secure FTP, EDI, and API). Our free AS2 connection removes the lengthy contract negotiations between the drop ship/marketplace platform and the supplier while eliminating the need for the supplier to do a cost/benefit analysis to participate in the program. 

Improved Onboarding Visibility 
The Integrations Page of the Logicbroker Portal

Logicbroker’s advanced, cloud-based portal has an Integrations page that is dedicated to improving the retailer experience. Use the Integrations page to see all onboardings, statuses, dates, account updates, and form data while exporting any necessary data for your organization to stay up-to-date. Most importantly, once a new vendor is onboarded, our extensive library of videos, portal screenshots, and documentation help users quickly acclimate to the Logicbroker Portal.  

Greater Retailer Control 

Giving retailers the reins to initiate onboarding was always the goal of our product development team. While Logicbroker handles the background logistics with our white-glove onboarding team, our on-demand platform allows retailers to initiate supplier onboarding with no additional intervention. All centralized vendor progress and information can be found in our user-friendly portal.   

Logicbroker customers, like BBQGuys, got an early look at our on-demand onboarding system. BBQGuys onboarded new suppliers with minimal Logicbroker interaction and successfully moved a supplier to go-live status in under an hour.  

“It was simple, smooth, and overall a great experience for both vendor and BBQGuys team,” said Priscilla Tenorio Solis, the manager of Vendor Onboarding and Integrations for BBQGuys.  

The Client Experience Teams 

No user is left behind to figure out the portal, connections, or any other aspect of the Logicbroker experience. Our dedicated white-glove onboarding and operations teams support vendors (and their retailer partners) through testing and post-live questions.  

Don’t Wait To Implement 

With the holiday season rapidly approaching and eCommerce continuing to evolve at a rapid pace, retailers cannot afford to wait idly by for their current eCommerce partner to adopt modern methods or to develop these tools in-house. Upgrading to Logicbroker’s advanced eCommerce solutions that cover every market segment including D2C and B2B marketplace and drop ship and B2B Supply Chain Visibility will help scale your organization for the future.  

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