Combine the #1 Cloud ERP Software With the Drop Ship Power of Logicbroker

With the Logicbroker platform integrated directly into NetSuite’s SuiteApp, users can now take advantage of an endless aisle of inventory. Eliminate manual data entry by automatically updating your order information directly from Logicbroker into your NetSuite configuration.

The Logicbroker SuiteApp brings a unique level of automation to the NetSuite platform with a no code approach, where users can now seamlessly scale their drop ship program while monitoring trading partner performance.
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Benefits of the NetSuite & Logicbroker Integration:

  • Compile shipments, invoices and cancellation from Logicbroker to Netsuite
  • Automatically update inventory data using Logicbroker API
  • View all document that failed to export to the Logicbroker platform


Beyond modernized EDI, Logicbroker delivers a powerful drop ship process, allowing users to open an endless aisle of inventory.

Key Benefits for Retailers:

  • NetSuite will send purchase orders automatically to Logicbroker
  • Shipments from drop shippers, 3PLs and warehouses will go into NetSuite as Item Receipts for replenishment orders and Item Fulfillments
  • Invoices will come directly into NetSuite as Vendor Bills
  • Automated cancellations will go into NetSuite by closing Purchase Order lines
  • Robust drop ship suppliers portal


NetSuite users can now benefit from the latest in cloud and supply chain automation technology with Logicbroker.

Key Benefits for Suppliers & Brands:

  • Pull orders from Logicbroker into NetSuite as Sales Orders
  • Send NetSuite Item Fulfillment transactions to Logicbroker (as shipments)
  • Send NetSuite Invoice transactions to Logicbroker
  • Send any closed purchase order lines to Logicbroker as a cancellation acknowledgement
  • Broadcast inventory changes to Logicbroker
  • Catch failed exports quickly with an included Saved Search, "Logicbroker Failed Exports"

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