Out of the box, the Logicbroker portal provides powerful, comprehensive, performance scorecards for both retailers and suppliers. Retailers can monitor their suppliers’ performance and ensure everyone adheres to their service level agreements (SLAs) while suppliers can track how they are performing and scoring with their retailer integrations. The overall scores are based on a letter grade ranging from A+ to F and are weighed based on 3 parameters: shipment time, percent shipped, and percent canceled.


Configurable Shipment SLA for Scorecards:

Retailers can customize SLAs to ensure orders are shipped out on time. Suppliers will be measured against the configured shipment window (calculated in hours) and percent canceled (orders) to evaluate their overall score. Once SLAs have been determined, you can set up your own metrics like shipment interval (hours) and cancellation percentage.

Configurable weights for scorecard calculations:

Utilize configuration properties to control the weight of each scorecard component (cancel percent, shipment percent, and shipment time) of the combined score. The weights are also shown in the portal. Depending on preference, you can determine which values are the most critical when calculating the supplier score and ensure their weight is greater than other values. Once SLAs have been determined, you can input that information into the platform.

Vendor Rankings

When determining where to source an order in the instance that multiple suppliers have the same item, same price, and availability you can defer to the vendor with the better scorecard. In the instance both suppliers have the same score, you can select a priority in the portal.

Defaults and Best Practices

Shipment hours ~72 and cancellation percent <1%


Retailers and suppliers can download full reports as a .csv file.

Order Shipment Status

Provides a more visual representation of overall score.

By monitoring vendor performance, you can best evaluate who is a top performer and who is not adding to your business. Due to Logicbroker’s vast network of certified channels, you can easily swap out nonperforming vendors in favor of new integrations. This ensures retailers are offering customers the best product assortment and capturing more sales while suppliers can grow the channels with the most order volume.

To learn more about Scorecards, visit https://help.logicbroker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360021857932-Scorecard.

Customers looking for advanced reporting and metrics to measure suppliers’ performance can use the analytics section of the portal to access hundreds of additional KPIs such as returns, transportation & delivery dates, cost discrepancies, etc. You may also edit the analytics and link to your internal metrics as well. To learn more about analytics, visit https://help.logicbroker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360022068551.

Kayleigh O'Malley

Kayleigh O'Malley

As Product Marketing Manager at Logicbroker, Kayleigh is focused on discovering customer needs and translating them into solutions for the ultimate customer experience. She gets excited about contributing to the growth and efficiency of retailers and brands around the world. She has a blended background in SaaS sales and marketing and applies her skills to analyze and execute. When she’s not researching about market trends, you can find her spinning a Tedeschi Trucks album or hiking in the Pacific Northwest with her dog, Mack.



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