With business moving faster than ever, your time is extremely valuable. That’s why Logicbroker’s platform boasts a powerful omnisearch feature. With omnisearch, you can instantly search and find orders without the hassle of having to contact other parties involved. Rise above visibility limitations and find an order to solve any discrepancies, all in real-time. Don’t know your order number? That’s no problem. With omnisearch, you can search by multiple attributes, including name, issue, and SKU. Let’s review some of the features omnisearch has to offer to optimize your order fulfilment process.  

The omnisearch bar is located in the top right corner of the page. Here you can input different keywords to help quickly pull the documentation you are looking for, including retailer name, date, document type, PO number, ID number, status, etc. 

In addition to the search function, you can filter your search results. The filter function can be found in the top right-hand corner of the search results. Here you’ll find different options to help quickly filter your results using the parameters you choose, such as a specific date or certain reference number. You can also filter out results that do not correspond with certain criteria. When applying filters, you’ll be asked if you would like the filter to be equal to or not equal to the selected criteria. The image below shows how a filter is applied to view orders with the failed status. 

Having the ability to instantly locate orders saves time and allows you to quickly resolve any order issues, for a frictionless customer experience. It’s why leading brands around the world trust Logicbroker to scale their drop ship and marketplace programs and streamline their eCommerce strategy.

Kayleigh O'Malley

Kayleigh O'Malley

As Product Marketing Manager at Logicbroker, Kayleigh is focused on discovering customer needs and translating them into solutions for the ultimate customer experience. She gets excited about contributing to the growth and efficiency of retailers and brands around the world. She has a blended background in SaaS sales and marketing and applies her skills to analyze and execute. When she’s not researching about market trends, you can find her spinning a Tedeschi Trucks album or hiking in the Pacific Northwest with her dog, Mack.



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