Post-Webinar Blog – April Release Notes

By Logicbroker | April 12, 2019

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Logicbroker’s Ed Kobloth and Jeff Keltz were back again, this time discussing the most recent releases and updates to the Logicbroker platform. Be sure to check out the full webinar here:

Logicbroker Keeps Users Connected


With new connectors being introduced, Logicbroker is making it easier for suppliers to integrate in to the Logicbroker Platform. As Q2 rolls on, Logicbroker is launching 3 prominent connectors: eBay, Convey, and Salesforce. These connectors offer a variety of assistance, from integration marketplaces to the Logicbroker platform, to assisting with last mile delivery.


Logicbroker’s ‘Power’-ful Integration

One of the more revamped additions to the Logicbroker portal is in the analytics. By linking up with Microsoft BI, portal users are able to experience a detailed analytics tool by Capturebiconnecting data points and turning it into actionable insights.

Users are now able to build out more in-depth custom reports, track how partners are performing, see where products are being shipped to across the country, and the best selling SKUs to name a few prominent features. Additionally, users are able to access inventory data, like how often suppliers are posting inventory.


Inventory Feed Updates

pfOn the topic of inventory, Logicbroker has made great strides in their inventory and product feeds. Part of the Q1 and April updates include a more detailed product feed process.

Now, product feeds can be specified by the retailer to allow vendors to send product catalogs in the format the retailer wants. Users can also see compliance errors and easily update any part of the product feed, which allows for full transparency between what the retailer requires in each feed.


Get the full breakdown of all of Logicbroker’s releases and updates in our webinar.


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