Logicbroker Announces New Collaboration with Microsoft, Expanding its Enterprise Drop Ship and Marketplace Offerings

Press Release

Shelton, Conn. | November 15, 2022

Logicbroker’s Azure cloud-based API eCommerce platform to build seamless and scalable curated marketplace and drop ship solutions for Microsoft Azure customers.

SHELTON, CONN. – October 25th, 2022 – Logicbroker, a cloud-based curated marketplace and automated drop ship eCommerce platform provider with over a decade of Microsoft Azure use experience, is proud to announce an expanded collaboration with Microsoft as a co-sell incentivized partner. Logicbroker delivers one-of-a-kind, scalable drop ship, marketplace, and supply chain solutions and serves the world’s biggest brands and retailers as the only natively built Azure cloud server-based API eCommerce platform.  

With this new collaboration, Logicbroker will work closely with Azure users to ensure they have access to Logicbroker’s suite of powerful B2B and D2C solutions.  

“Logicbroker knew we had to adapt a cloud-based API to provide scalable solutions for our customers. It was clear when we began with Microsoft Azure 10 years ago and it remains clear to this day that Logicbroker provides the world’s largest retailers with eCommerce solutions that are reliable, scalable, seamless, and above all else tailored to their specific needs. This new co-sell collaboration was the dream I had when we began with Azure and we can’t wait to get started,” Peyman Zamani, CEO and Co-Founder of Logicbroker, said.  

Logicbroker remains the only eCommerce platform that provides both marketplace and drop ship solutions on the market today. Its Microsoft Azure-based API enables the Logicbroker team to deliver scalable solutions for both D2C and B2B businesses and allows its team to onboard new vendors for its retail customers in less than an hour. Due to its relationship with Microsoft and Logicbroker’s new co-sell status, Logicbroker is poised to provide class-leading solutions to any organization needing a curated marketplace, automated drop ship program, and those looking for more visibility into the B2B Supply Chain.  

“Logicbroker achieving Microsoft Azure IP Co-sell status presents a huge opportunity to retailers and brands to scale their eCommerce presence with us while getting dollar for dollar relief on their Azure consumption agreement. Logicbroker is proud to be one of the only Microsoft partners that offers both marketplace and drop ship solutions, allowing organizations to scale their eCommerce operations through one master connection. I couldn’t be more optimistic for the future of this collaboration and the value we’ll be able to deliver to our mutual customers,” Craig Regan, Logicbroker’s Vice President of Global Partnerships, said.  

About Logicbroker     

Logicbroker helps companies launch profitable online drop ship and marketplace programs. Combining the most modern multi-tenant technology with an obsession for stellar customer experience, Logicbroker’s powerful platform connects retailers, brands, and suppliers at record speed, empowering them to sell more products, reach more customers, and maintain their edge in an ever-evolving eCommerce universe. With a global footprint and headquartered in the United States, over 4,000 brands, including Hasbro, Rite Aid, Verizon, Toys “R” Us, Samsung, M&M Mars, Coca-Cola, Kroger, and Walgreens rely on Logicbroker to manage $6 Billion in Gross Merchandise Value annually.    

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