Logicbroker + Convey Strengthen Partnership

Press Release

Shelton, CT | February 16, 2021

Logicbroker Inc, and Convey have strengthened their partnership to enhance overall customer experience.

Since 2013, Convey (getconvey.com) has helped guarantee the perfect order leveraging machine learning to optimize shipping and delivery – driving revenue and reducing costs for both online shoppers and suppliers. With their two products, Engage and Initiate Convey has created a software platform that gives eCommerce websites peace-of-mind when shipping their products, Convey has quickly become a driving force in the delivery experience management industry.

With the Logicbroker-Convey solution, customers have a seamless order integration with Convey to produce configurable and branded tracking alerts, self-service delivery appointment scheduling (and possibly automated freight decisioning) to improve efficiency, reduce WISMO and improve the customer experience retailers can control what carriers are used for their drop ship supplier’s fulfillment. Once submitted through Logicbroker, the shipment will get created in Convey and a quote for best carrier will be used to choose who will be picking up the shipment. At the same time a request for the carrier to pick up the shipment will be transmitted. Once the request for pickup has been successful, the shipment will be updated with all confirmation details.

The Logicbroker-Convey solution enables retailers to:

  • Drop ship orders automatically routed to Convey for immediate visibility​
  • Configurable Tracking Pages & Proactive Notifications, improved customer satisfaction +54%. Send shipment notifications to the customer via email and SMS when a delivery issue occurs​
  • Self-service delivery appointment scheduling​
  • 63% WISMO call reduction​
  • Predicted delays detected ~35 hours before the promise date ends. Leverage Convey’s AI and ML to see when shipments are predicted to miss their Promise Date​
  • 75% decrease in time to resolution
  • Optimize carrier selection at the shipment level
  • Ensure carrier compliance with automated decisioning and pick up
  • Real time shipment visibility and proactive exception management

By combining the Logicbroker and Convey platforms, there’s one aspect that stands out boldly: automation. In using both platforms, users have seen a sharp decline in manual entry.  

“Going into this, we knew capabilities such as carrier decisioning and compliance, visibility, and customer experience would be critical components of a successful launch,” said Corey Tisdale of BBQGuys.com. “Every day, we deliver thousands of grills across the country. With that kind of volume, there is no room for error. The Logicbroker-Convey solution has allowed us to seamlessly optimize our logistics across our drop ship network. We are so pleased with the results that we even brought our in-house distribution online as a sourcing partner, using the exact same technology and processes as our drop ship network. The Logicbroker-Convey partnership has added value across our supply chain and allowed us to focus on constantly improving the superior customer experience that makes us who we are.”