Logicbroker Hires Brian Schmidt as Chief Operating Officer

Press Release

Shelton, Conn. | October 3, 2022

Brian comes to Logicbroker after 12 years with SAP and over 22 years working with software companies.


Brian Schmidt, COO at Logicbroker
Brian Schmidt, COO at Logicbroker

SHELTON, CONN. – Logicbroker, the only provider of D2C and B2B drop ship and marketplace solutions, is thrilled to announce the hiring of Brian Schmidt, its new Chief Operating Officer. Brian comes to Logicbroker after 12 years with SAP and over 22 years working with software companies. Most recently, Brian was the Chief Operating Officer of the North America Customer Experience Business with SAP.

For the last 7 years, Brian led SAP’s largest market unit in the Customer Experience practice and helped grow the business by over 185%. His experience during SAP’s Commerce dominance in the B2B eCommerce segment will help guide Logicbroker’s recently announced B2B for retailers in Drop ship and Marketplace solution. 

“Brian will raise our leadership team to new heights as we continue to empower our customers, colleagues, partners, and the entire eCommerce industry. Brian’s extensive experience working with and building the trust of his customers, coupled with his unique leadership skill set, will help highlight Logicbroker’s position as the ultimate all-in-one eCommerce strategy for every retailer across the globe. We can’t wait to get started,” said Peyman Zamani, CEO of Logicbroker.  

Schmidt and Zamani had spent four months getting to know each other and the ins and outs of Logicbroker’s staff. Zamani said he was impressed with Schmidt’s insights into other go-to-market enterprise SaaS industries and trusts his extensive customer-facing leadership experience as he comes onboard.  

“In my career, I’ve come to value empathy and trust above all else. I absolutely love when you earn the trust of your customers and consider them friends. Throughout my career, I’ve been awarded many opportunities to empathize with prospective customers and help guide them to solutions that best fit their problems,” said Schmidt. “I am excited to showcase just how important a comprehensive, personalized eCommerce solution can be for the thousands of retailers and brands looking to make their impact in the industry. When Peyman showed me just how powerful Logicbroker’s portal can be, I knew that I had to join the team.”  

Schmidt joins Logicbroker at an exciting time for the organization. The organization officially announced its B2B capabilities at Connected Commerce 2022: Evolution on Sept. 8 and continues to push the boundaries of eCommerce with B2B Supply Chain Visibility, a first-of-its-kind eCommerce industry offering that allows retailers to gain insights into every facet of the order lifecycle.  

With new product launches, a holiday season expected to crush records, and dozens of organizations looking to build upon the last two years of rapid eCommerce growth, Logicbroker is the only platform on the market that will both increase your YOY AOV by over 140% on average AND reduce your team’s workload by up to three FTEs.   

Please join Logicbroker in welcoming Brian Schmidt as its Chief Operating Officer and visit the Logicbroker website for more insight into how our D2C and B2B drop ship, marketplace, and supply chain visibility offerings can help you create a seamless, scalable eCommerce solution.