Logicbroker Introduces a Comprehensive Update to Their Online Portal

Press Release

SHELTON, CT | January 31, 2019

Logicbroker, a leading provider of cloud-based electronic data interchange (EDI) and drop ship automation, today launched a revamped online portal featuring a multitude of changes implemented as a result of user feedback. The updated portal now features refresh-less and real-time page updates, a new dashboard tile for compliance monitoring, and an updated testing process. 

“We’re thrilled to release our new portal update, which is a direct reflection of user and Customer Advisory Board feedback and requests,” said Ed Kobloth, Director, Product Management for Logicbroker. “The majority of our users log into the Logicbroker portal every day and we want to ensure that they continue to enjoy an excellent experience.”

In addition to the launch of the updated portal, Logicbroker has also updated its knowledgebase resource, where users can read helpful articles, submit questions and feedback, and submit requests for new features to be introduced within future platform updates.

To learn more about the updated Logicbroker portal, please visit our blog.

About Logicbroker Inc.

Logicbroker creates and strengthens the connections that enable digital commerce. Leveraging the award-winning Logicbroker cloud platform with unrivaled automation technology, we connect the fragmented platforms in digital commerce and automate the exchange of everything from inventory and orders, to shipment tracking information and invoices. We empower leading retailers and brands including Rite Aid, Mars M&M, Fossil, Kroger, and Coca-Cola with the platform and know-how to deliver friction-less digital commerce.