The Logicbroker Product Onboarding Center

In an age of constantly evolving consumer expectations, retailers need innovative ways to quickly expand their dropship or marketplace assortment while ensuring accurate data is sent downstream to their PIM and or other systems of record. However, retailers often lose time and sales to manual internal processes, disorganized vendor data, and thousands of spreadsheets.   

Logicbroker’s Product Onboarding Center allows retailers to load entire product catalogs in as little as 5 minutes. With this easy-to-use interface, eliminate the dependence on spreadsheets, reduce manual touchpoints, and increase speed-to-market as you review all your dropship and marketplace products through one pane of glass.



of companies say gathering product information is one of their biggest product-launch challenges.

of new products fail to launch on time, resulting in 27% lost selling time. 

Accelerate Product Onboarding Through Automation

Onboard entire product catalogs in as little as 5 minutes with Logicbroker’s Product Onboarding Center. Our tools arm retailers with automation that provides speed and accuracy for your SKU onboarding process.

Effortless SKU Discovery

Retailers can easily search across the entire supplier network for products that match the characteristics they are looking for or simply quickly select the products from their suppliers to rapidly expand their assortment. Every SKU a vendor shares in your network remains accessible, so you can quickly discover additional products to unlock new revenue streams.

Improve Vendor Compliance

As your vendor network grows, prioritizing compliance rules saves your organization time and effort. Product Onboarding Center provides guardrails to drive vendor compliance, ensure you are receiving products in your preferred format, and remove the friction of onboarding new SKUs.

Review & Synchronization Workflows

Logicbroker’s Product Onboarding Center provides full visibility into the SKU onboarding process through statuses and workflows. Manage the full lifecycle of your products without IT intervention and approve products individually or in bulk with the click of a button while watching the SKUs automatically sync to your system of choice.

Data Harmonization Across Your Vendor Network

Logicbroker’s Product Onboarding Center eliminates duplicate products through critical harmonization tools like uniformed attributes and product requirements. Retailers can consolidate all product data from every vendor in their network into a single stream of information.

Confidence in Every Product Decision

Discover the power of truly optimized internal product onboarding processes with Product Onboarding Center. As you review product attributes in a more uniform manner, our tools help retailers feel confident syncing products into their ecosystem.

Discover the power of Logicbroker's Product Onboarding Center.

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