Retailer Connection for ReserveBar Suppliers

Logicbroker delivers a scalable SaaS EDI + API platform that will handle the mapping, testing and integration process for ReserveBar, allowing suppliers to focus on growing their business.


ReserveBar offers customers the ability to buy and send premium wine and Liquor gifts for all holidays and special occasions with custom engraving.

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Simplify retailer & marketplace compliance with Logicbroker’s modernized EDI + API technology, lighting up new sales channels and eliminating the complexity of managing multiple trading partners.

With one Logicbroker connection, you can unlock any retailer or marketplace sales channel and effortlessly manage your B2C and B2B relationships. Our team of experts has invested the time to complete comprehensive mapping and testing according to retailers' standards in order to get you up and running fast. With a certified Retailer or Marketplace Connection, Logicbroker enables rock solid commerce channels for your business while maximizing margins without transactional fees.

Setting up the integration involves just a few steps:


Logicbroker works with ReserveBar's technical team to set up the connection.

The process involves connecting Logicbroker’s stage environment to test all necessary documents to verify a compliant and successful integration.
The Logicbroker implementation team helps you through the setup process, seamlessly connecting to ReserveBar directly. You can integrate with ReserveBar using all standard Logicbroker options including XML, JSON, CSV, Flat file, API, or through the Logicbroker portal.  
In addition to Logicbroker’s powerful and easy to use web portal,  Logicbroker also offers syncing your order data to systems including ShipStation, NetSuite, Shopify, QuickBooks, SkuVault and more. 

Eliminate VAN fees

Through its certification process, Logicbroker has created direct secure connection to ReserveBar for EDI processing without using VAN to eliminate unnecessary outdated VAN fees.

Automation with Logicbroker

Receive purchase orders from ReserveBar directly to your ERP system in a single consolidated format. Logicbroker supports sending orders via EDI, XML, CSV, our API, and even directly into fulfillment systems such as Shipstation or Shopify. No more mapping to retailer specifications, costing you precious tech resources.

Orders within Logicbroker are also status-driven letting you know exactly which action needs to be taken according to ReserveBar's life cycle process
Packing Slips
Packing slips are a major component of making sure you meet retailer guidelines and maintain ReserveBar's branding. Logicbroker automatically generates packing slips for you based on ReserveBar's packing slip specification, allowing you to easily pick and pack your items. These packing slips can be made available through our portal, FTP site, and even our API for increased automation
Let ReserveBar know immediately when you plan on fulfilling their order through Logicbroker's acknowledgment tools. ReserveBar requires you notify them when you receive their order and when you plan on fulfilling it. With Logicbroker's acknowledgment tools, you can get this information back your retailers faster, and with fewer touch points.
ReserveBar requires specific cancellation requirements. Although cancellations make up a small number of the transactions with ReserveBar, staying compliant ensures a great customer experience, especially if you are unable to fulfill an order. By using Logicbroker, you can trigger compliant cancellations exactly in ReserveBar's specification, ensuring that you maintain the highest vendor compliance scores.
Backordering items involves notifying ReserveBar that an item will not be shipped within the normal time frame. This occurs when inventory is scheduled to be in stock, but at a later date. With Logicbroker, backorders can be consolidated with acknowledgments and cancellations, giving you full control over which items you can or cannot fulfill, and reducing the amount of time needed to communicate these changes to ReserveBar
Logicbroker provides shipment automation for ReserveBar by connecting directly to your ERP or shipping system, pulling in necessary information such as container codes, tracking numbers, carrier details and estimated delivery dates to ensure ReserveBar compliance.

Logicbroker provides a standardized format to manage a unified list of shipping methods and codes with a unified packaging structure to support the most complex shipments ranging from standardized parcel to LTL pallets.
Accurate inventory is key to vendor compliance. ReserveBar requires that all vendors send inventory to ensure current stock levels to prevent over selling. Logicbroker provides an easy to understand format for ReserveBar and vendors that ensures inventory compliance. Logicbroker can even customize when we will send out your inventory feed to ReserveBar for those special business and fulfillment cases.
Automated Validation
Logicbroker runs validation for ReserveBar to ensure that all documents sent from your system to theirs will be compliant. Trigger compliance alerts to be notified immediately when a document does not comply with ReserveBar's specifications.

EDI Documents Used:

Why Logicbroker?

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Modernized EDI

Our fresh approach to EDI has made Logicbroker the clear choice for successful brands and retailers. A SaaS platform built to scale your digital commerce business.

The Logicbroker RESTful API wraps clean, modern technology around legacy supply chain data. Quickly code to the most developer-friendly EDI integration platform available.

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Team Expertise

Our team is comprised of talented individuals with a passion for digital commerce. From solution design to everyday support, trust the people and expertise of Logicbroker.
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No Per-Order or Document Fees

Keep your margins with a predictable annual subscription and no transaction fees. No annoying charges per kilocharacter, percentage of revenue, or charge per order.

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