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Expand your product assortment and take your eCommerce fulfilllment operations to the next level with Logicbroker.


Today's customers demand more.

More selection, more shipping speed- it’s an “I need it now” industry. In today’s digital marketplace, expanded assortment is no longer a nice to have – it’s a necessity. You need technology and partners that can make a curated endless aisle of inventory a reality.


Expand your network to get ahead in the digital marketplace.

With the power of Logicbroker, you can sell more product, reach more customers, and pivot quickly to maintain your edge in an ever-evolving eCommerce universe.

Is your drop ship program set up for success?

According to Forrester Consulting, choosing the right technology partner is key to building a profitable drop ship program.


A best-in-class platform to power your best-in-class drop ship program.

Logicbroker features a highly scalable, secure platform that connects you to drop ship suppliers, brands, 3PLs and warehouses. With a user-friendly portal, robust functionality, and unmatched visibility, you can maintain your brand and watch your partners fulfill orders faster than ever before.


Our API-led cloud platform is designed to manage complexity, so you don’t have to. Connect with any trading partner, regardless of their type of integration:


System Connections




Complete Order Lifecycle

Manage and execute your full order lifecycle with Logicbroker, including:

Business Rules Engine & Automated Data Validation

The more, the merrier. Whether you have dozens or hundreds of trading partners, all data and transactional information flows seamlessly. Logicbroker automatically validates and alerts your trading partners to any errors on their side, ensuring timely responses and an optimized order lifecycle.

Visibility, Compliance & Security

Supplier Scorecards:

Logicbroker automatically tracks supplier performance, generating scorecards that give you a view into how each supplier is performing.


With two types of detailed reporting in the Logicbroker portal, you can monitor document status, inventory and GMV, as well as access full business intelligence tools.

Security & Compliance:

In order to run an eCommerce program efficiently, you need airtight security and compliance. All data in Logicbroker is encrypted both in transit and at rest, and we are both GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Want to learn even more about our platform features?


Connect without limits.

Embrace an endless aisle of inventory and connect to the supplier, brand and logistics channels necessary to grow your business, all through Logicbroker. With thousands of suppliers in our network, find the products you want to sell faster than ever.

Accelerate sales with expanded assortment through Merchandising as a Service.

With the help of Logicbroker’s dedicated Merchandising Team, you can effortlessly expand your inventory assortment. Plug into our extensive network of suppliers to test new SKUs, enable new verticals and keep your best-selling items in stock.

Leverage pre-built system connections to the platforms that make your company tick.

Automation-led drop shipment is the next step in achieving true omnichannel excellence.

Retailers must embrace the current digital commerce transformation in order to remain relevant within the industry. To learn more, download our eBook:

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We're laser-focused on your success.

Our solution engineers and client experience teams are here to help you optimize eCommerce fulfillment across your entire ecosystem. Whether you’re starting from scratch with Logicbroker or migrating from a legacy system, we’ll get you up and running quickly. Our goal is to ensure no sales or opportunities are lost, so you get the fastest time to value.

Learning Resources

Public Knowledge base/help center: You and your suppliers have access to detailed articles on all things Logicbroker. 

Learn Logicbroker™:  Our proprietary LXP (Learning Experience Platform) is provided at no extra cost to all of your suppliers to assist in onboarding and compliance. (Only available for registered Logicbroker Portal users)

Don't just take our word for it.

Join a robust community of eCommerce experts- the numbers speak for themselves.




National Grocery Chain



Running Shoes, Fitness Apparel Retailer



National Health & Wellness Retailer



Online Apparel Retailer



Outdoor Cooking Retailer



Shipwire, a CEVA Logistics Company, partners with Logicbroker to enable clients to integrate with new sales channels quickly, efficiently, and at a low cost.

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Shoes For Crews

To optimize and scale B2B eCommerce while delivering exceptional customer experience, Shoes For Crews turned to Logicbroker and PeakActivity.

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Walgreens modernized their drop ship technology with Logicbroker. Walgreens now has a secure, flexible, and agile solution positioning themselves for tremendous online growth.

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Rite Aid

In working together, Logicbroker, Rite Aid and their vendors were able to launch a successful, automated drop ship program.

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Get in touch today to learn how to unlock limitless eCommerce possibilities.
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