Stage Testing Is Essential To Smooth Supplier Onboarding

By Jager Robinson | May 10, 2024

Supplier onboarding shouldn’t be as hard as it is on legacy providers. With Logicbroker’s On-Demand Onboarding service, create real-time stage testing environments to ensure that every new supplier is not only onboarded in an hour but also fully tested utilizing your own data. 

In our latest Product Feature Spotlight, we are highlighting Logicbroker’s Custom Test Cases. Check it out below and be sure to watch our entire series on our platform’s features on YouTube!

Onboarding Testing and Certification 

Everyone focuses on the speed of onboarding… but how do you know suppliers will provide the same level of service that your customers have grown to love from you! 

Testing is the most important part of onboarding to train your suppliers on your business process and make sure they provide the same top-tier service to your customers.   

We have watched retailers struggle to track testing because there is no visibility across test cases, it’s too difficult to coordinate testing across teams, and it’s too difficult to set up test data. What happens when testing is too difficult?  Suppliers work around the system by skipping steps or faking test data.  When that happens, it is no longer testing that will protect your customer experience, it is just a waste of time and money.   

That’s why clients come to Logicbroker, to configure and automate supplier onboarding training through our Portal.  Our customers recognize thatevery interaction with their customer is valuable and that 90% of consumers are unlikely to order again from a business that cancels, delays, or sends the wrong item within the first 3 orders. That’s why clients come to Logicbroker, to configure and automate supplier onboarding training through our Onboarding Portal. 

Secure Testing

At Logicbroker, we provide a staging environment to ensure every supplier is onboarded, tested, and certified in Staging before being promoted to production. Logicbroker’s self-service testing tools not only provide you with complete visibility into the status of testing, but also the ability for your suppliers to perform all your testing and certification on their own.  

Create Order Cancel Test Case 

Logicbroker’s Self-Service Testing Tools enable Suppliers to run these test cases as many times as they want with any test data they need. This ensures suppliers can test at their speed without any dependency on an external team to email, run test jobs, or set up test data.   

By ensuring suppliers test against only a retailer’s test cases, with their actual data, now you have real testing results that you and the supplier can count on! With Testing integrated into our platform, not only do you have full visibility, but you don’t have to login every day to see who has completed their testing,  

Notifications In Testing

As we talked about in our Alerts and Notifications session, you can configure your user notification to know when any Supplier is Testing Completed. Since Testing is essential to onboarding quickly and accurately, all of our testing is linked to Supplier Onboarding, Experience from our Knowledge Base, Automated Self-Service testing, and White Glove Onboarding Team.  

Since every client’s customer experience is different, it is not only important to clearly define and share your policies in our Knowledge Base, but also to test and train suppliers before they fulfill real orders and impact your customers.  Every test Case completed is another Happy Customer and another Brand Protected! 

If you have any questions or want to learn more about this feature, feel free to reach out to us and we can set up a time to chat.

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