Boscov’s gains inventory transparency, white glove treatment, and a reduced IT load with Logicbroker.


With a strict deadline in place, Boscov’s needed a brand-new drop ship program in under eight weeks. Boscov’s migrated to Logicbroker’s fast, cloud-based API platform for increased inventory transparency, quick and automated vendor onboarding, and a reduced IT load.

6 Week Implementation

Inventory Transparency

Automated Vendor Onboarding

The Boscov’s Challenge

Boscov’s, America’s largest family-owned department store chain in the Northeastern United States, was built on great deals, friendly service, and community participation. Established in 1918, Boscov’s worked internally to develop their online shop and offer their goods to customers outside their 50 department stores. After a few years working with a previous drop ship provider, Boscov’s executive team decided to find a scalable solution that not only provided a comprehensive eCommerce solution but also a platform that would allow them the freedom they needed to expand.

The executive team began extensive searches into a more workable solution. Meetings with Logicbroker and several other solutions boiled down to almost a toss up. After entering the planning phase with another organization, Boscov’s lost valuable time stuck in a lengthy and confusing contract negotiation.

“We entered into the contract negotiation phase and everything was so cumbersome and confusing. We thought: ‘If this is tedious, I can’t imagine the rest of our partnership would go better,’” Jennifer Redcay, Supplier Direct Fulfillment at Boscov’s said. “Logicbroker is so consistent from start to finish. Everything is included in the negotiated price. Everything is just so easy.”

A Workable Solution

The Boscov’s team reached out to Logicbroker to discuss how migrating in the middle of an already tedious eCommerce migration would look. As a result of previous delays, Boscov’s had just two months to fully migrate to a new platform and Logicbroker took up the challenge. In just 6 weeks, Boscov’s launched their master connection with the Logicbroker platform. Over 70% of Boscov’s 250 vendors were onboarded successfully, and the rest are well underway, as the Logicbroker team works around the clock to secure connections to Boscov’s new cloud-based drop shipping platform.

“Logicbroker’s technology has modernized and streamlined this process, connecting us to our suppliers faster than ever and with a lower cost of ownership. We have better vendor management capabilities now, and with complete visibility of our digital supply chain, we are positioned for great scalable growth.” ​

Jennifer Redcay

Supplier Direct Fulfillment at Boscov’s

The most important aspect of the onboarding process revolved around the ability to match Boscov’s file format and contents. Logicbroker assured Boscov’s’ IT team that no new changes would be required to switch to our agile drop shipping platform and even included the clause in our partnership contract. Logicbroker’s famous “white glove treatment” prevailed, as Boscov’s successfully connected their backend with Logicbroker’s API without a single document being lost or reformatted.

Promising Results

Boscov’s can now enjoy increased document transparency with their vendors and no longer has to worry about accurate inventory updates. After the initial onboarding process and learning stage were completed, Boscov’s can internally inspect all aspects of their vendor’s performance, inventory, orders, and more without having to pay extra or go through mountains of paperwork. Switching to Logicbroker’s AS2 connection gave Boscov’s the opportunity to ditch their VAN provider and receive frequent vendor updates without unpredictable fees. Switching from their VAN connection also saves Boscov’s thousands of dollars in fees each month from vendors who required third party connections.

Prior to integrating with Logicbroker, the Boscov’s team would spend countless hours focused on failed orders or vendor implementation issues. Now, the team trusts that Logicbroker’s 99% uptime guarantees that vendor onboarding will be taken care of and any and all documentation updates will be pushed to the appropriate team members as any issues arise.

With no failures to manage, Boscov’s has begun expanding their vendor offerings at an even faster rate. Boscov’s has made a name for itself as “the store around the corner” and is expanding its drop shipping selection for consumers across the country to be a one-stop-shop for those looking for anything from their daughter’s first girl scout uniform to the best place to buy your spouse their next anniversary gift.

“I’m not afraid to have less vendors, I am excited to have really good vendors that are engaged and excited to do what they are doing while making our customers happy. Logicbroker gives us the tools to do that.”

Jennifer Redcay

Supplier Direct Fulfillment at Boscov’s

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