FULLBEAUTY Brands adopts both a drop ship and marketplace solution with Logicbroker.


FULLBEAUTY Brands partnered with Logicbroker to provide their valued vendors with better service while enjoying unparalleled onboarding speed and support, coupled with incredible cost savings and efficiency.

Onboarded in Just 5 Weeks

Vendor Performance Insights + Visibility

30,000+ New SKUs

The partnership with Logicbroker has set the stage for the FULLBEAUTY Brands team to significantly scale our drop ship business thanks to their competitive technology, robust vendor performance reporting and analytics, and fantastic customer service.



Plus-Sized Challenges

FULLBEAUTY Brands, the most trusted company and resource for plus-size women, and big and tall men, wanted to create a better customer experience by adding new inventory and suppliers. The COVID-19 pandemic changed consumer shopping behavior. Shoppers began desperately searching for specific items and were willing to give their business to new channels. With more consumers turning to online shopping to secure the goods they wanted, FULLBEAUTY wanted to capitalize on the scarcity in larger retailers and brands and tap into new search behavior and offer the exact items their target customer was shopping for on their site.

To facilitate a fast time to market and launch new SKUs quickly, FULLBEAUTY Brands needed to offer suppliers a self-service onboarding model and limit their own involvement to picking and approving the products offered. FULLBEAUTY determined that the best way to onboard new sellers quickly was to adopt a marketplace model.

A Logical Solution

After the success of their drop ship technology upgrade in 2019, FULLBEAUTY Brands turned to the team at Logicbroker, the only connection broker to offer both drop ship and marketplace solutions, to help them implement a curated marketplace solution.

To enable seamless, automated onboarding for their marketplace sellers, Logicbroker tailored and implemented a new Learning Management System (LMS) for FULLBEAUTY. Each module walks current and potential vendors through the integration process and shares best practices to get the most out of their partnership with FULLBEAUTY Brands. FULLBEAUTY also created an online knowledge base to provide their sellers access to their quick reference material, compliance documentation, operating procedures, and easy search capabilities. This provides a comprehensive and easy-to-navigate seller experience, creating efficiencies and enabling faster onboarding timelines.

[FULLBEAUTY Brands’] solution is much more user-friendly than other marketplace solutions I have used. The layout on the back end is clean-cut, easy to read, and easy to follow. The direction pages worked very well,


Sydney’s Closet [A FULLBEAUTY Brands seller]

To further ease the onboarding process, the FULLBEAUTY team encourages sellers to use the Logicbroker Portal. Portal onboarding typically takes just a few hours, meaning new items can quickly be added to the site. By offering automated contracts and eliminating the need for branded packing slips, standard in the marketplace model, onboarding kickoffs can start sooner and have a shorter testing cycle.

Results Beyond Comparison

With a marketplace solution built for growth, FULLBEAUTY can confidently scale to meet demand. In the first six months, the company added 13 sellers and nearly 30,000 new SKUs to their marketplace. Looking ahead, the company is poised to quickly respond to new trends and shifts in consumer demand. By partnering with relevant brands and offering more of the items their customers want, FULLBEAUTY Brands will drive higher AOV (average order value) and customer retention, for more sales and continued eCommerce growth.


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