Ingram’s Water & Air’s unique B2B and D2C dropship solution utilizes advanced reporting and visibility tools from Logicbroker to revolutionize DIY Home Improvement.


Ingram’s Water & Air, combined with their MRCOOL operation, is the country’s only true HVAC B2B and D2C dropship organization. With Logicbroker’s modern dropship solution, Ingram’s can effortlessly track inventory, manage their commerce program, and secure their operation for continuous growth.

Growth-Focused Platform

Advanced Inventory Tracking

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A True Pioneer

Ingram’s Water and Air began in the early 1950s on a dairy farm in Marshall County, Kentucky. The organization has continued to make strides in the HVAC system since its inception and became the only organization to sell HVAC equipment online in 2000. By 2003, Ingram’s had a full-fledged online HVAC operation. 

The organization primarily focuses on enhancing the customer experience. Whether that’s through dedicated support reps that will help customers with their purchases to find the right equipment for their home, or through advanced DIY equipment through their sister company MRCOOL that is focused on providing an easy-to-setup installation process, Ingram’s remains on the cutting edge of HVAC and water filtration equipment. 

However, the downside to being a pioneer is that quite a lot of their processes were manually intensive and prone to inaccuracies. With an owned inventory and dropship model working hand in hand, Ingram’s was struggling with the visibility they needed to accurately track supplier and warehouse inventory to make sales.

Enter Logicbroker

As Ingram’s and MRCOOL worked together to find a dropship partner that could handle their entire ecosystem from owned inventory through their suppliers, Ingram’s settled on Logicbroker. Logicbroker’s advanced multi-vendor commerce platform provided the real-time inventory visibility they needed to not only accurately make sales but also provide customers with the exceptional support they needed for parts and service. 

“With Logicbroker, we can keep track of inventory,” Mitch Ramsey, Sales Manager at Ingram’s Water and Air Equipment said. “For me, that’s a blessing since pressure is lifted off of me to focus more on the sales team and the customer service side of our business.” 

With Logicbroker in place, Ramsey said that their sales team and support staff can now focus on their true purpose instead of worrying about the backend of their operation, and continue providing the best possible customer experience.

“[Logicbroker] has helped us grow immensely. We’ve grown year after year because we have accurate inventory [visibility] and our sales team can comfortably sell from our warehouses.”

Mitch Ramsey

Sales Manager at Ingram’s Water and Air Equipment

A Future-Focused Organization

For Ingram’s, the integration of Logicbroker’s system wasn’t about solving their current inventory issues, it was about continuous growth. Ramsey said that with Logicbroker in place, the “sky’s the limit” for how far they can grow and utilize Logicbroker’s systems to increase their order flow. 

As the director of sales, Ramsey specifically mentioned the freedom he and his team now have to make informed choices, expand their footprint properly, and expand the Ingram’s and MRCOOL brand. 

Next up is a brand-new website for enhanced commerce experiences. Ramsey said that once Ingram’s rolls out their website, they’ll look at additional programs and tools to serve all kinds of HVAC systems and better provide his staff with the support they need to grow their organization and delight customers. 

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