MRCOOL’s unique B2B and D2C dropship solution, which positions them as both a supplier and retailer, enjoys unmatched order and inventory visibility through Logicbroker.


Looking to capitalize on its unique position as the only online D2C & B2B HVAC organization, MRCOOL gained advanced inventory and order visibility, data tracking, and the ability to build long-term relationships through Logicbroker’s multi-vendor commerce platform.

Order Visibility

Advanced Inventory Tracking

Data Management

Making Waves

MRCOOL is a unique vendor in the HVAC space. As one of the few organizations currently both supplying HVAC equipment B2B to various resellers, and acting as a D2C dropship retailer themselves, MRCOOL works tirelessly to ensure its customers have access to large volumes of HVAC tools, systems, and equipment that has historically not been sold directly to consumers.

“Traditionally, HVAC systems are not sold online,” Jarrod Greer, Mr Cool’s Director of Operations, said. “Logicbroker is helping us bring an industry that is 20 years behind the rest of the retail world into this century.”

Greer said that many people would “call their HVAC cousin” or a similar relative to find out the best way to repair a system. As the rise of ‘DIY’ as a hobby evolved beyond just a fad, Greer said that the organization realized the need to supply consumers with the tools and products to get the job done themselves.

“[We don’t want to leave] our target customers without air conditioning in their time of need,” Greer said. “It’s really exciting to be part of this industry, and we feel like we’re helping serve the public. This service is sometimes life-saving, which is why our motto is ‘Comfort made simple.’”

Joining Forces With Logicbroker

Before joining forces with Logicbroker, Greer said the organization was struggling to help resellers keep up with the volume of SKUs they provided both on their website and B2B to said resellers. With a deep-seated need for advanced visibility and order tracking tools, MRCOOL began exploring ways to merge their B2B and D2C businesses into one complete solution that would allow them to not only provide their resellers with the information they need about inventory but also give the MRCOOL team the tools they need to expand their D2C dropship operation.

“Logicbroker has a solution for us so that we can share the appropriate information with resellers and so they can see our information and know what’s available to sell,” Greer said. “That’s really big. In the evolution of what we do, there have been times we’ve oversold by accident. We learned from our mistakes.”

After several conversations on how Logicbroker can help best utilize their position within their industry, MRCOOL joined the Logicbroker network. With Logicbroker’s multi-vendor commerce platform in place after a few weeks of onboarding, the organization now has unprecedented visibility into the entire order process.

Not just the actual Logicbroker platform, but the people and the culture you work with [at Logicbroker] is just invaluable. We’ve reached out to some of the people that do what Logicbroker does, and [they won’t even] give you the time of day.

Jarrod Greer

Director of Operations

Goals With an Established Program

As HVAC systems get more accessible to those who prefer to DIY their systems, Greer said MRCOOL is looking at ways to deliver other advanced programs to better serve their customers with Logicbroker’s platform in place.

A big step, besides their continued effort to ensure MRCOOL systems are at major retail centers, is to set up a franchise-focused distribution network for those who want to sell MRCOOLs products around the country.

“Everyone wants 24-hour delivery. We want to be the first HVAC company to deliver that product within 24 hours and, possibly, have that product installed the same day. That’s how easy our products are to install,” Greer said.

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