Nanit gains peace of mind, dozens of retail partners, and a renewed focus on growth with Logicbroker.


With growth opportunities knocking at their door, and a full integration to NetSuite underway, Nanit migrated to Logicbroker’s platform for a smoother, scalable, and automated retailer onboarding process. 

20 New Retailer Partners

Automated Onboarding

Scalable Growth

The Growth Challenge

Nanit took the parenting world by storm in 2016 with the launch of their innovative products aimed at making life a little more manageable for new parents by connecting them to their child’s development and well-being. Since its launch, Nanit has skyrocketed to the top of the list for most baby registries and has been a featured product on marketplaces across the country. 

Four years ago, as the growth began to take off and the leadership team needed a workable solution to scale with their rapidly evolving operation, Nanit shifted their focus away from their current eCommerce solution provider. After internal reflection, Nanit began a massive internal changeover to NetSuite. As the integrations stacked up and processes became more arduous, Nanit made the decision to also switch to Logicbroker. 

“Moving to NetSuite kind of forced this massive change, and we realized we didn’t want to test with partners who we wouldn’t stick with,” Meagan Morgan, Senior Vice President of Global Sales for Nanit said.

As the NetSuite integration was underway, Logicbroker and Nanit worked closely together to develop a “hybrid” eCommerce solution that would primarily flow outside any one system while onboarding was still taking place. After the retail connections were made, Logicbroker and Nanit worked closely together to ensure a simple, one-connection-point system was put in place to scale with the growth Nanit continues to experience to this day. 

“It’s so dramatically different,” Denise Tedesco, Vice President of Systems Management at Nanit said. “Logicbroker and Nanit work so well together. Once we were live, we built a more sustainable solution that can get three retailers up and running at the same time.”

A Promising Solution

As the NetSuite integration was taking place, Nanit’s manufacturing department took charge of finding a workable eCommerce solution. Morgan said after extensive talks with many companies, Logicbroker stood out as the solution that “had everything we needed” to fully realize their vision. 

As the company was still new, Morgan said many at Nanit were manually integrating retailers while using Quickbooks for all internal accounting processes. A true “grassroots” organization, Nanit grew beyond the ability to manually enter the data that was coming through their system and adopted NetSuite and Logicbroker to fully automate processes that previously would take hours to complete. 

With fully automated reporting, error tracking, retailer onboarding, and more now fully available to the Nanit team, Morgan said the company is working like a well-oiled machine. 

“I can sell all day long, but I can’t win if I have frustrations with the retailer,” she said. “A lot of that comes from how we were communicating with them. [Switching to Logicbroker has been] such a dramatic difference. I’m not obsessing about retailer integrations every day.” 

Continued Results

After a quick onboarding process, Morgan and Tedesco said that Nanit is now solely focused on the future of the organization without worrying that their backend operations are at risk. Before the Logicbroker integration, Morgan said Nanit’s teams would start, slow down, and stop entirely at a moment’s notice for errors and said the “ultimate win” is the peace of mind they now have. 

“It’s a great partnership. It’s so refreshing to not think about issues,” Tedesco said. 

Nanit has already connected 25 retailer partners through the Logicbroker portal and has recently reached out to the Logicbroker team about a preliminary exploration of international marketplaces. Nanit’s goal is to become the number one product on every baby registry. Logicbroker’s automated connections, deep connections with partners like Babylist, and our merchandising services have helped Nanit achieve its growth potential. 

As the two organizations grow together, Tedesco said the last critical piece to the Logicbroker/Nanit puzzle has been the personal one-on-one connections the teams have. She noted that many organizations refer their clients to automated support lines, or even ignore help requests. At Logicbroker, clients have a direct Client Success Manager to call to speak with about any issues, integration questions, or goals. 

“You have to have real partnerships,” Tedesco said. “Everybody can offer a product and a solution but having the right people that want to win together is the exciting part. We have that partnership. Logicbroker wants to give us quality support to get us to where we want to go. Logicbroker made it easy for me to give Nanit what they needed.”

To discover more about what sets Nanit apart in the industry, visit their Community board where parents from all over the world gather to discuss tips, tricks, and solutions to raising children with Nanit at their side. For more information about how Logicbroker can help your organization achieve limitless growth, visit the Logicbroker Solutions page or get in touch with one of our incredible sales representatives

“It’s a great partnership. It’s so refreshing to not think about issues... Logicbroker and Nanit work so well together."

Denise Tedesco

Vice President of Systems Management at Nanit

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