Wine Enthusiast Companies brings wine to life with its Logicbroker partnership.


Wine Enthusiast Companies modernized their drop ship automation, streamlined their supply chain data management to unlock new paths of  eCommerce revenue, and unified their B2B and B2C connectors with the power of Logicbroker.

Robust Reporting

Scalable Technology

Unified Backend Connectors

Seven Figure Challenge

Wine Enthusiast Companies is the world’s number one source for wine accessories, storage, information, education, events, and travel. With the evolution of digital commerce, the Wine Enthusiast team knew that to maintain a competitive edge they needed to invest in new technologies.

For over a decade, Wine Enthusiast had relied on Vendornet and Ecometry to manage and track orders and inventory. To scale their eCommerce program, Wine Enthusiast decided to implement NetSuite to replace their legacy Ecometry order management system (OMS) and HighJump for warehouse management and EDI integrations.

Unfortunately, upgrading Wine Enthusiast’s backend systems proved to be a difficult, lengthy, and expensive process. The team struggled with missed go-live deadlines and time-consuming manual work, coupled with a nearly seven figure price tag. After two years of failed implementations and testing, Wine Enthusiast brought in Eric Roelofs as their VP of Technology. He and the rest of the 6team knew that to successfully scale their business, they needed a new solution.

The Right Solution

When I came in, I said: ‘I know a great company that can do this, and it’ll be a lot easier than the company we were just working with.’ [Several] months later we launched with Logicbroker.

Eric Roelofs

Chief Technology Officer at Wine Enthusiast Companies

After building their technology team internally and cutting ties with their failed drop ship partner, Wine Enthusiast reached out to Logicbroker. Wine Enthusiast operates as both an online retailer and a supplier of wine accessories, and in the past used two separate solutions to meet their unique business requirements. Fulfilling orders out of multiple systems, however, they could not drop ship orders and pallets in one platform.

With Logicbroker’s NetSuite Connector, Wine Enthusiast was able to ensure both B2B and B2C orders were seamlessly exchanged to meet SLAs and maintain accurate inventory. Now, with both connectors in place, whether Wine Enthusiast ships a pair of wine glasses to a consumer or multiple pallets of wine refrigerators to a retailer, Logicbroker’s comprehensive, consolidated platform manages, analyzes, and optimizes all related supply chain data in real-time.

Wine Enthusiast was eager to go live and set an aggressive timeline to ensure their business needs would not only be met but exceeded. The Logicbroker team was able to implement the connector along with migrating over 80 suppliers and 15 retailer connections just six weeks after the agreement was signed.

There is a human aspect behind every company,” Roelofs said. “[It’s great] when you can have that relationship and say hey this is what's going on, and I know it’s tough but let’s work together.

Eric Roelofs

Chief Technology Officer at Wine Enthusiast Companies

Continued Results

Wine Enthusiast now enjoys a fully automated, modern drop ship solution that can scale with their business. With a working solution in place, the team is free from needing to manage onboarding and integration and can leverage Logicbroker’s managed service to ensure all procurement information is properly exchanged and new suppliers and retail channels are added quickly. With the Logicbroker platform and robust reporting, there is no need to manually enter any order data and the team has complete visibility to vendor performance, exception management, and order/GMV overviews.

As Wine Enthusiast and Logicbroker’s partnership has evolved, Roelofs said he appreciates Logicbroker’s fixed-cost approach, which ensures they are never scrambling to make a budget or plan for the next quarter. When there is a new supplier to add, or new labels to map, Wine Enthusiast knows Logicbroker will help with any and all implementation necessary.

Logicbroker to me and my team means modern technology, fast, flexible, scalable, with real people making me feel like a customer. Something that all technology companies should be about.

Adam Strum

Chairman/CEO at Wine Enthusiast Companies

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