As the countdown to the holidays is underway and we prepare for a new year we wanted to take the time to countdown our top 12 platform features. Our product team works hard each quarter to deliver necessary enhancements to better our customers’ experience and keep up with the ever-changing retail landscape.  

  1. Performance Scorecards: Logicbroker provides visibility to both Retailer and Supplier scorecards (depending on how your integration is set up). The retailer scorecard is used to provide suppliers with a view of how well they are scoring with retailer partners. The overall score will be based on a letter grade ranging from A+ to F and will be weighed based on 3 parameters; see Score Details below for how it is calculated. 
  • Date Range: The date range section is used to configure the scorecard report for all partners. By default, the report is set to the past week, but it can be adjusted to any date and time to monitor partner grades.  
  • Retailers: This will provide an overall view of the grades for each retailer. It will also provide the amount of orders received, given the time range, in the ribbon. The Company ID will be used to identify your partner; this will be the Sender/Receiver CompanyId when using the API.  
  • Score Details: This section reports the score by the letter grade. The letter grade is determined by a weighting system of Shipment Time, Percent Shipped, and Percent Cancelled. 70% of the overall grade is determined by the shipment time, 20% by the percent shipped and 10% the percent cancelled. 

The supplier scorecard is used by retailers to provide a view of how well suppliers are scoring and effectively view and manage performance in relation to SLAs. The overall score will be based on a letter grade A+ to F and will be weighed based on 3 parameters: 

  • Date Range: This section will be used to configure the scorecard report for all partners. By default, the report will be set for the past week, but can be adjusted to monitor your partner’s grades. 
  • Suppliers: This provides an overall view of all the supplier’s grades. It will also provide the amount of orders received, given the time range, in the ribbon.  
  • Score Details: In this section you will see your score which is determined by the letter grade. The letter grade is determined by a weighting system of Shipment Time, Percent Shipped, and Percent Cancelled. 70% of the overall grade is determined by the shipment time, 20% by the percent shipped and 10% the percent cancelled. 
  1. Product catalog: Product content catalogs in Logicbroker were designed to syndicate brand’s and supplier’s product content information across the entire Logicbroker retail network. The network connections include retailers, marketplaces and systems. The Logicbroker product content standard is designed to be used and mapped across all channels seamlessly, maximizing efficiency and saving time. 
  1. SSO: SSO refers to the ability for employees to login just one time with one set of credentials to get access to all corporate websites, applications, and data sets that they are supposed to have permission to access. SSO solves key problems for enterprise businesses by providing: 
  • One central place to manage employee’s access 
  • Higher level of security and compliance 
  • Improved productivity of employees 
  • Lower IT maintenance cost 
  • Reduction in password fatigue and simplified approach to username and password management 
  • Improved identity protection 

Logicbroker now offers SSO configuration for your company for access to the Logicbroker web portal. Once set up with the identity provider and Logicbroker, customers can create groups and assign users (link to our KB user management?). Users would then log into the identity provider page and their assigned applications will all appear in one location. 

  1. Messaging Order Level: Within the portal, messages can be created directly from the order page. This allows retailers and suppliers to share information regarding a specific order and see the history of all messages associated to that order. 
  1. NetSuite Bundle: Logicbroker and NetSuite deliver a powerful drop ship automation process with best-in-class supply chain automation technology. Together, this combined solution [for suppliers] offers complete order automation with retailers/marketplaces. Additionally, users benefit from robust reporting and score card calculations in real time. Flexible integration options facilitate limitless channel possibilities with the ability to leverage numerous inventory updates each day – helping users maintain accuracy and reliability with their channel integrations. Our unique approach to pricing offers users a predictable cost without per order or document fees. To manage onboarding and ongoing account maintenance, our users benefit from having dedicated and experienced managed resources to guide every step of project management and beyond.  
  1. Learn Logicbroker: Coming Q1 2021 – Learn Logicbroker – a new learning experience to help and guide our users. With courses dedicated to navigating and understanding the portal, connectors, supplier and retailer integrations and new employee onboarding, Learn Logicbroker is a one-stop shop for company-specific educational materials. Information is broken down into paths>modules>sections to guide users and present relevant materials composed of pictures, videos, useful links and more! 
  1.   Connections: Logicbroker users are now able to set up their own connections within the portal. This enables users to easily connect to numerous systems, including shipping, order management, and retailer channels. Users can leverage their credentials to test the capabilities and be up and running once comfortable with each configuration. It is important to note that each new connection should be configured first in the staging environment and upon the successful completion of testing, can be moved over to production. 
  1. Validation Rules: With validation rules, supplier users can view the required fields needed to successfully send documents to their partner companies directly in the portal. 
    Information included: 
  • Field Name 
  • Description 
  • Message 
  • Rule Type 
  • Requirement 

This tool allows users to review exactly what is needed to send documents to their partners, what it means, and to help reduce failures when transmitting documents. 

  1. Wayfair API: The Wayfair API connector extends your current order integration to better manage orders, inventory, and shipping. Supported documents include orders, acknowledgements/cancellations, shipments and inventory files. Once an application with Wayfair API is created a connection can be made within the Logicbroker portal (all that is needed is the client ID, secret/correct base URL for the relevant environment. The API connection has plenty of shipment options readily available + mapped to meet specific needs.  
  1. Edit Address on Failed Docs: With the edit address feature, users can now update orders in the failed status as opposed to cancelling and resubmitting. This is time saving and more efficient. 
  1. 860 Update : With a new workflow for 860s, Logicbroker users will need to accept the 860 (purchase order change request) before it can be applied. Accepting the change request creates a copy of the ack request going in the other direction (supplier → retailer). All changes can be managed on the new ack request document type instead of the order type – allowing for a simplified approach to managing and accepting order changes. Additionally, new fields are now visible for 860/865s: 
  • Requested Ship Date 
  • Estimated Delivery Date 
  • Update Request Number 
  1. Feature Requests: Within our knowledge base, Logicbroker’s product team provides customers with a way to request new features from and provide feedback. Users are also able to comment on requests which can help other customers, vote on feature posts, and mark it as helpful or not. The features request enables users to voice their opinions and directly influence the product roadmap. 

These are our top 12 favorite features of the Logicbroker platform. We invite you to fill out future feature requests to help drive improvements into 2021 and beyond.  

Becca McCarthy

Becca McCarthy

Becca has a passion for brands and analytics. She brings expertise from working with Fortune 1000 brands and helping them sell directly to consumers online. An avid online shopper, Becca is thrilled to be a part of Logicbroker and help clients provide a better shopping experience for their consumers. As the Director of Marketing at Logicbroker, Becca focuses on building out the Logicbroker brand, strategic partnerships, and bringing customer success stories to light while keeping a pulse on industry trends and best practices. Becca holds a BA in Communications and English from the University of Connecticut. Outside of work, Becca enjoys cooking, Jeopardy!, and spending time at home with her husband, son and their two dogs, Zulu and Luna.


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