Wayfair prides itself on offering “a zillion things home with 26 million satisfied customers and counting.” Brands and suppliers are flocking to the platform to sell their goods, connect with new customers and capture more sales. Wayfair generated 14.1 billion U.S. dollars in revenues in 2020, up from 9.1 billion U.S. dollars in the preceding year. 

Traditionally, Wayfair had its suppliers drop ship goods from their warehouses, but recently, they have invested heavily in their logistics and fulfilment network, CastleGate. The goal with CastleGate is simple: leverage a fulfilment platform for a simplified delivery process. Because Wayfair aggregates shipping in multiple regions across the country and overseas, CastleGate can offer suppliers reduced costs because of their expansive fulfilment network. The CastleGate investment also benefits Wayfair customers as it gives Wayfair control of end-to-end logistics, leading to quicker ship times and happier customers. This gives Wayfair and its suppliers the ability to compete with Amazon’s successful fulfilment network, Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA).

Traditionally, transactions are managed in the Wayfair portal or connected with CastleGate via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). But companies that want to reduce the time they spend managing orders, shipping, and logistics, can connect to CastleGate through Logicbroker. Logicbroker facilitates integration via the Wayfair API, allowing suppliers to connect and communicate information for order management, inventory, and shipping in real-time and at higher volumes.

Integrating CastleGate and NetSuite

Integrating CastleGate and NetSuite via Logicbroker delivers an even more frictionless process. Suppliers can connect the dots between orders, inventory and invoicing and gain an additional level of accuracy, thanks to centralized financial and inventory tracking within CastleGate’s warehouse. Logicbroker will automatically receive each order when it is shipped. After shipping, CastleGate sends Logicbroker the tracking information while NetSuite sends out the invoice. This seamless flow of information saves time while offering the ability to respond to changes in demand and have a single source of information, the NetSuite connector, to view drop ship order status and financials.

Within the Logicbroker portal, suppliers can manage orders and status, improve response time, and ensure Wayfair SLAs are met. Teams can save time and handle increased order volume without needing to add headcount by leveraging the power of Logicbroker’s SaaS platform. With its end-to-end API connectivity, Logicbroker gets businesses up and running with their new integration quickly, so they can streamline operations and scale effectively.

Getting Started

Logicbroker facilitates integration via the Wayfair API, allowing suppliers to connect and communicate information for order management, inventory, and shipping in real-time and at higher volumes. You’ll need an active Logicbroker subscription for this functionality. To learn more, Contact us.

Once you have successfully activated your Logicbroker subscription, you’ll also need a Wayfair account, which allows you to submit and process an application for sandbox and production accounts. Upon successful submission, Wayfair will generate a popup window providing a Client ID, which you’ll then enter in the Logicbroker portal. With just a few simple steps, your connection will be set up and Wayfair Support can proceed with go live.

To set up inventory, all warehouses and corresponding codes can be configured within Logicbroker. Then, the product catalogue can be set up, and Wayfair will only upload the inventory that matches. More detailed information about these steps can be found in Learn Logicbroker’s Wayfair API module

With the power of NetSuite, CastleGate and Logicbroker, Wayfair suppliers can exceed business requirements, drive more sales, establish a better relationship with Wayfair and improve delivery performance with customers. Suppliers can feel secure that they have an established and efficient process to fulfill Wayfair orders and scale their business without increasing resources to manage their drop ship program.

Craig Regan

Craig Regan

Craig is an experienced sales professional with a passion for digital commerce and supply chain. He’s had roles at RF-SMART, a WMS for NetSuite, and is currently the Head of NetSuite Channel Partnership at Logicbroker. His experience with warehouse management systems and EDI allows him to solve the unique customer needs when it comes to competing in the fast-paced world of digital commerce. Craig graduated from Quinnipiac University with a degree in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management. In addition to working at Logicbroker, Craig enjoys watching soccer, cooking, and listening to podcasts.


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