The Importance of Fostering A Peer-to-Peer Industry Community

By The Logicbroker Product Team | April 25, 2023

Logicbroker was founded on the principle of collaboration. Thousands of hours of conversations, demos, one-on-one strategy sessions, and Connected Commerce events have evolved into industry-leading supply chain experience management tools. 

As we’ve grown, so too have our customers. Over the years, users across our entire network, whether they are retailers, brands, or suppliers, have come together to discuss how they utilize Logicbroker’s tools, and how they can work together to grow. These relationships have evolved into an ecosystem of partners, customers, platform users, industry colleagues, and eCommerce experts all driven by community and collaboration. 

Logicbroker hosts dozens of Connected Commerce Forums each year and an annual summit in September to connect this community in person. To further expand these collaborative events, we’ve developed a new community growth tool—Logicbroker Office Hours—to bring the entire network into the fold. Anyone with a valid Logicbroker login, whether retailer, brand, supplier, API user, or partner, now has a place to connect with and share insights, ask questions, express concerns, and learn about any new and exciting tools our platform has to offer.

Peer-to-Peer Insights

Logicbroker products are designed for, and with input by, our users. The platform gives you visibility into your supply chain and experience management solutions, but our ultimate goal as a technology provider is to help you perfect your processes. With this in mind, the product team utilizes our quarterly office hours to open up the floor for peer-to-peer insights. Users can share real-life use cases of the tools we offer and ask questions to not only the product team but collaborate with fellow users on how they can best utilize the different tools available to them. 

In our first office hour session, held at the beginning of the year, users spoke with one another and built off each other’s unique insights to find new and creative ways to maximize their solutions. The entire hour was dedicated to peer-to-peer interactions, rather than product showcases typically seen during Connected Commerce events. 

Following the event, with use cases on their minds, attendees expressed interest in connecting in one-on-one sessions to continue conversations from the meeting and to learn more about unique use cases for Logicbroker’s tools.

Helping Logicbroker Perfect the Process

In a SaaS environment, it’s incredibly easy to get locked into one process. These product office hours, along with our standard feedback sessions, help keep the product team informed. We can find out what features and functionality our customers use and expand on them to fit the needs of everyone. During our office hours, several attendees shared how they’re using tools in ways we never even thought of, giving everyone more opportunities to grow. 

The validation received from all of these productive conversations is vitally important. Staying innovative and creative encompasses both developing new products and perfecting our core offerings for the individuals using them every day. Looking to connect with the greater community? Office Hours will be announced within the Portal and held once per quarter. If you have any questions or are seeking more information about an upcoming office hours event, contact us, and we can get you in touch with the right party.

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