The Logicbroker Difference

By Logicbroker | October 10, 2019

Logicbroker Secret Sauce graphic

In the wake of an emerging retail renaissance, companies are eager to stay ahead of the curve in ensuring their product gets in the hands of consumers as quickly and efficiently as possible. When Logicbroker was founded in 2010, the goal was to create a cloud-based integration hub to modernize drop ship automation, simplify EDI integrations, and deliver superior customer support. Since then, we have introduced the first RESTful API for EDI in the industry and have attracted loyal customers from verticals spanning grocery, electronics, clothing + accessories, hospitality, food + beverage, furniture, hobbies, games and more. 

While we keep innovation at the forefront of what we do, we never lose sight of the importance of our customers. This is why the Logicbroker Difference is built upon the principle of providing exceptional support to our customers. Our team is dedicated to delivering top-notch support to all customers, and is proud of the personal relationships we build with them. From the moment we sign a customer, they are introduced to a dedicated client delivery manager who will be with them every step of the onboarding process. 

Secret Sauce

The ingredients, or secret sauce, of the Logicbroker Difference can be broken down into three parts: investment, trust, and visibility.

Investment is not so much about money, but rather time invested in your partners and people. As our Senior Manager of Client Delivery, Jim Ransier, mentioned, there’s quite a few companies that treat their vendors like they are lucky to be doing business with them. We invest in people who care about our product,  as we believe that’s the key to having a successful partnership.

Trust is also a huge component of the Logicbroker Difference, and has allowed us to grow client relationships while increasing our responsibilities with the client with little-to-no friction.

This brings us to the final component, visibility. Whether it’s an in-depth knowledge base available to all our users or after-hours support, we put forward the effort to make sure our customers are armed with the knowledge and support they need to successfully run their business. 

Communication is KeyMessage center notification - Logicbroker

Keeping our clients up-to-date and informed is the keystone to continued success within Logicbroker. With the combination of passionate employees and a range of communications tools in the Logicbroker Portal, we’ve made it easy for users to keep up with updates from warehouses, retailers, and suppliers. The photo on the right demonstrates the use of the Message Center in the Logicbroker Portal, informing users of a warehouse closure for holidays. 

Because of our support team’s knowledge and responsiveness, our customer support rating  is consistently between 96%-100%. This high rating has not only resulted in long-lasting client relationships, but increased levels of trust when it comes to managing our users’ drop ship and EDI services. As Beth Ligenza of Sears/Transform Co. stated, “Their experience in this space and dedication of the account team is allowing for rapid migration with negligible business impact during [our] transition [to Logicbroker].”

From the transparent process that comes with setting someone up with Logicbroker to the responsive support team, it’s easy to see how we’ve built such unique relationships with our customer base. As the Logicbroker band continues to evolve as a drop ship and EDI platform, our foundation will remain the same: to provide transparent, top-tier customer service to all users, big or small.
















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