Unmatched White Glove Service

By Logicbroker | March 1, 2023

Logicbroker was founded on the principle of being a client-centric organization. Whether it be deciding on new products to develop, building out our client success team, or hosting dozens of private events across the country each year, Logicbroker puts our client’s needs, wants, aspirations, goals, growth, and success above all else. 

Our commitment to our clients is exemplified in our unique, industry-leading white glove support system built after over a decade of open conversations with our clients about what would truly help them grow. 

Redefining White Glove Service

The term white glove support or service comes from at-home deliveries. A white glove service is a delivery service that goes beyond the simple pick-up and drop-off. Services are considered “white glove” if they come inside your home or place of work and custom install, set up, or prepare whatever was delivered. 

With this level of service is a predefined set of expectations about how the product was delivered, how courteous the delivery people were, and how carefully the product was installed, stemming from the white gloves and matching white shoe covers most delivery services use. 

This level of care is at the core of each of Logicbroker’s product offerings. We offer unmatched, premium service through onboarding, support, and long-lasting partnerships that go beyond the “installation”. 

“Logicbroker helped us overcome our internal IT barriers and illuminated a path to accelerate our vendor onboarding.”

-Amber Roberts, Digital Marketplace Planning & Solutions (Former) at Kroger

Onboarding and Vendor Support

Logicbroker’s commitment to providing top-notch onboarding and vendor support is a major advantage for retailers. Our team helps vendors navigate the process of onboarding on our platform. This level of support is crucial for retailers looking to build and maintain a strong vendor base, as it helps to ensure a smooth and successful marketplace experience for both the retailer and the vendor. 

When starting a marketplace, oftentimes organizations can overlook that they now have to provide excellent service not just to their customers, but also to their vendors. With Logicbroker’s approach, we offer support to the vendor network, so the marketplace operator doesn’t have to. Our competitors will often pass on fees for staffing dozens of vendor support operators which leads to increased costs, headaches, and confusion for those vendors looking for simple answers. Logicbroker’s white glove vendor support, on average, allows customers to reduce their marketplace operations load by three Full Time Employees (FTEs).

File Flexibility 

Our platform is headless, so you can connect with any system in virtually any way. Part of Logicbroker’s white glove service is the peace of mind that stems from our onboarding process; any vendor can be onboarded utilizing any connection type including API, EDI, AS2, Portal, XML, or XLSX. But the connections don’t stop there. Logicbroker has partnerships with every major technology integration platform on the market, ensuring that however your vendors and trading partners need to be supported, we can connect. 

Boscov’s Success Story

The most important aspect of the onboarding process revolved around the ability to match Boscov’s file format and contents. Logicbroker assured Boscov’s’ IT team that no new changes would be required to switch to our agile drop shipping platform and even included the clause in our partnership contract. Logicbroker’s famous “white glove treatment” prevailed, as Boscov’s successfully connected their backend with Logicbroker’s API without a single document being lost or reformatted.

“Drop ship has proven itself as an efficient means of fulfillment for our company and our customers… Logicbroker’s technology has modernized and streamlined this process, connecting us to our suppliers faster than ever and with a lower cost of ownership. We have better vendor management capabilities now, and with complete visibility of our digital supply chain, we are positioned for great scalable growth.”

-Jen Redcay, Manager of Supplier Direct Fulfillment at Boscov’s

The Logicbroker Family

Logicbroker doesn’t take off our gloves when you’ve fully integrated. We pride ourselves on providing service before and after the sale that extends beyond an automated ticket system. When there is a problem, Logicbroker’s team is available by phone, email, or through our platform to timely resolve any issues. 

But support isn’t always about resolving issues. Logicbroker’s product and development team builds the products that they need, rather than what third-party experts think they need. Our product teams sit down with clients on a quarterly basis to discuss new features, products, or even simple management tools they’d like to see. We want our clients to grow, and our white glove service capitalizes on your personal connections and expertise to make that happen. 

Client Success Managers

As a Logicbroker client, you’re paired with a dedicated Client Success Manager (CSM) whose job is to help you get the best possible value from your eCommerce program. Your CSM will work with you to assess your current state and goals, hone your strategy, and identify opportunities to increase efficiency, spur growth, and scale successfully. They can also connect you with our network of eCommerce technology and strategy partners. 


increase in orders and GMV for industry leaders in health and wellness, grocery, apparel, footwear, and accessories


increase in suppliers in less than 6 months for industry leaders in health and wellness, grocery, apparel, footwear, and accessories


of suppliers agree to connect and start working with our retailer customer when we reach out

Achieve Supply Chain Excellence

Our platform isn’t just about growing your GMV, it’s about helping you become the go-to brand in your vertical. With advanced onboarding and vendor support, partnerships that connect you to the entire eCommerce industry, and support systems that ensure you’re growing every single day, Logicbroker’s [white] gloves are on. 


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