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Logicbroker’s cloud-based, API platform delivers drop ship and marketplace solutions at record speed and scale. With robust reporting capabilities, complete order visibility, advanced payment processing, and so much more, take your eCommerce selling to the next level.

Screenshot of Logicbroker Portal; Dashboard

The Logicbroker Portal

The Logicbroker Portal is the face of our industry-leading platform. Here, retailers and vendors have visibility into everything you need to know to manage your online sales. The interface is user-friendly, intuitive, and we offer robust learning resources to help suppliers/sellers onboard seamlessly and in an on-demand fashion.

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Screenshot of Logicbroker Portal; Order Management

Drop Ship Functionality


  • Omnisearch
  • Complete Product Setup
  • Full Order Lifecycle Management
  • Vendor Scorecards
  • Notifications/Monitoring
  • Validation Rules
  • Automated Reporting
  • Product & Inventory Aggregation
  • Testing in Stage Portal

Drop Ship
eCommerce executive researching drop ship solutions

Marketplace Functionality


All features included in Drop Ship, PLUS:

  • On-Demand Supplier Onboarding
  • Payment Provider Integration
  • Product management center
  • Inventory: Minimum/safe allocation (avoid stockouts/rejection of orders)
  • Structured Commission Handshake
  • Split payments & dispute resolution capabilities

Consumer online shopping in a retailer's curated marketplace


Logicbroker’s advanced API technology allows you to communicate through the entire order lifecycle with any partner using one connection endpoint. Regardless of whether the brand or retailer sends orders in EDI, XML, CSV, or JSON.

API Documentation
Screenshot of Logicbroker Portal; API Authorization screen

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Dig into our knowledge base and API documentation.

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